Dr. BrownsInsta Feed Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer
Dr. BrownsInsta Feed Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer

Warm up bottles and food containers quickly and safely with the Dr. Braun Insta-Feed™ Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer! Compact in size, this bottle warmer reduces dirt and heat in just 80 seconds. No matter whether you are heating wide or narrow baby food bottles or jars, you will find the right choice with the practical diversion ring and carrying basket. Insta-Feed™ includes an easy-to-use measuring cup - simply fill bottle-size distilled water and pour. Bottle warmers and sterilizers use gentle heat of steam to heat contents quickly and evenly. Just press a button. When heating, use the included wide-opening storage lid or a narrower storage lid. Sterilization eliminates 99.9% of household bacteria and germs. Use the built-in sanitizer for small items such as pacifiers, bottle parts, and pacifiers. Insta-Feed™ suitable for baby food containers, all Dr. Brown's® and most other brands bottles.

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Whether our bottles are in NICUs, hospitals and doctors' offices - or just on the kitchen counter - Dr. Brown makes every child happy.

Dr. Brown continues to innovate and develop products focused on excellence in parenting and child health. We work every day to provide trusted baby products that make us a favorite of mums and dads.

  • Bottle warmer and sterilizer. Warm up baby bottles and foods in less than 80 seconds with the Dr. Braun baby bottle warmer and sterilizer Instaneeds!
  • Breast milk and formula heating. This 2-in-1 bottle warmer and sterilizer uses gentle steam to quickly and evenly heat contents with the push of a button. Suitable for all types of d products. Brown bottles and most other types of bottles.
  • Including a measuring cup. The Insta-Feed Baby Bottle Sterilizer is easy to use with the included measuring cup - simply fill with distilled water according to bottle size and pour.
  • Countertop disinfectant. Reduce clutter with the convenient, compact size of the Insta-Feed Baby Bottle Sterilizer.
  • Formula and baby bottles are essential. Use the detachable adapter ring to find the most suitable size for your bottle. Convenient carry basket protects your hands and allows easy access to small items. Put the things into the basket, put the basket into the heater, and use the handle to remove the basket after the heating or sterilization is completed.

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