FIBARO YH-001 Yubii Z-Wave 700 Smart Home hub
FIBARO YH-001 Yubii Z-Wave 700 Smart Home hub

FIBARO Yubii Home is a compact, affordable and intuitive Z-Wave portal and advanced software designed for apartments and small and medium-sized homes. Use Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri to control lights, air conditioning, blinds, blinds, cameras, locks, and more directly from a mobile app or hands-free. FIBARO Yubii Home is an ideal solution for those who are planning to start their smart home adventures and are looking for an affordable system but offers plenty of features to help you automate and control your entire home. FIBARO Yubii Home uses a free application for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.


Turn on/off or dim the light directly from the Yubii Home app, or use your favorite smart speaker as a speakerphone.

FIBARO Yubii Home is compatible with most of the most popular Z-Wave 700 switches and dimmers, such as FIBARO Single/Dual Switch, FIBARO Dimmer 2, Zooz, Inovelli, GE, etc.

climate control

Set your favorite temperature without leaving the sofa! With FIBARO you can even control the temperature of your home remotely, saving you money and protecting the planet!

FIBARO Yubii Home works perfectly with Z-Wave compatible home thermostats such as FIBA ​​RO Thermostat or MCO Home

Curtains and drapes

Roll up the blinds and let the sun in! Click or tap a few words and the morning is here!


Get alerted in the event of a fatal accident! Whether it's a burglary, fire or flood - with FIBA ​​RO you're covered! Use flood sensors, motion sensors, or door/window sensors for added protection.


Someone is at your door, are you still on your way home from work? No problem! Meet the FIBA ​​RO Yubii Home that works with any Z-Wave-enabled smart lock and controls access to the next level.

smart garden

With the FIBA ​​RO Yubii Home, you can activate your irrigation system from your phone or smart speaker, set schedules quickly and easily and let the FIBA ​​RO Yubii Home take care of your garden completely automatically.

This feature requires a compatible product such as a FIBA ​​RO Single Switch or other combined sprinkler system.

100 countries, 6 continents

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, operating globally in less than 10 years.


We pride ourselves on advancing technology through effective solutions and creative methods.

Dreaming, designing and manufacturing in Europe

Our team works tirelessly to bring you the most innovative and advanced smart devices, all designed, developed and manufactured in-house in the European Union.

  • Designed to control smart devices such as light switches, dimmers, plugs, radiator thermostats, security sensors, locks, cameras, media and more
  • Support for Z-Wave devices plus many additional functions included
  • For Yubii - Free mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Access your home from anywhere
  • Encoders, system files, and logins require a FIBA ​​RO ID. Data is stored in the portal, in the cloud, and in a local backup

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