Hive Smart Home Hub Used to Connect Hive Products
Hive Smart Home Hub Used to Connect Hive Products

Hive Smart Home HUB30120016 Hub for Connecting Hive Products, White, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

Hive smart home appliances enable hassle-free home automation for all your home needs. Heat and cool your home with a smart thermostat and heating and cooling kit. Customize the ambiance perfectly with a variety of smart bulbs, from almost every color to dim white. When you're out and about without worrying about your home, use a home security camera with Wi-Fi to monitor your pets or use a smart home plug to control your devices remotely. The more digital devices you have, the stronger the cellular ecosystem, where devices supporting a hub act as signal boosters to form an overlapping network, allowing a single hub to support a larger area.

Build your individual smart home

The heart of the network home

Hive Hub is the heart of your connected home. It connects your Hive products and allows you to control them remotely using the Hive app wherever you are - on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

With the Hive Hub, you can also make your Hive products work seamlessly with Hive Actions. For example, when motion is detected, your sensors can tell your lights to turn heating on or off.

in the palm of your hand

Our app is easy to use and gives you peace of mind. It makes managing your home so easy that you can manage Hive products from your smartphone or tablet. With a single tap on the Hive app, you can keep your home running smoothly around you.

  • Control your home's temperature, lights and power outlets from anywhere
  • Allow time to turn the light on, off or dim when you need it
  • Adjust your home temperature to suit your life. You can set a period to six scheduled periods per day
  • What happens at home when you are not at home? You can monitor things with Hive cameras and sensors

Smart family

Hive smart home products give you more time by making everyday life easier. Together, our products work seamlessly to transform your home into a smart home, while providing added convenience and security. Whether it's managing your thermostat, lights or indoor cameras, your Hive smart home puts you in control.

home automation

After a long day, imagine your home welcoming you by turning on the lights and adjusting the heating while you walk? Or close the door in the morning to save time? Here's what you can do with the Hive smart home.

cellular effect

Create an experience that works for you. With Hive Actions, you can make your Hive devices work together in three situations: 'when', 'while' and 'after'.

For example, you could set up an action to help you find your way to the bathroom without hitting a wall at night that says:

  • You will receive (1) White Smart Home Hub
  • Hive hubs connect your Hive products and allow you to control them from virtually anywhere for easy home automation.
  • Set up your Hive hub in minutes. Connect it directly to your broadband router, connect all your Hive products and you are good to go
  • We have implemented strict security measures to protect your personal information and access to your systems
  • Works with Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and Philips Hue (built-in via the Hive app)

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