ISMARTGATE DC Voltage Regulator Buck Converter
ISMARTGATE DC Voltage Regulator Buck Converter

ISMARTGATE DC Regulator Buck Converter DC 12-24V to DC 5V 3A 15W Buck Converter Power Reducer Mini Converter Unit

The DC/DC power adapter supplies your ismartgate directly from the gate port's current output. Most gate operators have a 12 to 24 volt output that powers various accessories such as lights, RF receivers, and... you guessed it... this accessory is perfect for those who don't have an outlet nearby but do have the power of a gate operator. Its operation is simple: (1) Connect the stripped wire from the transformer to the door actuator's power output connector, (2) Use the DC socket to connect the other end of the transformer to the ismartgate.

  • 8-35V DC at 5V2A to supply power to the ismartgate directly from your gate operator. If in doubt, contact our support team to determine if your player supplies 12-24V DC.
  • 1.5m cable with DC plug can replace the power supply of smart device. The DC/DC converter comes with a 1.5m cable with DC connector, which makes it easy to connect to ismartgate.
  • Ideal for battery powered gates/remote sites, uses the power output of the door actuator to operate the ismartgate at the remote site. It can be easily installed alongside the ismartgate device in the control panel.

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