LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner Gear Scan Plus Diagnosis Scanner
LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner Gear Scan Plus Diagnosis Scanner

Launch Gear Scan Plus OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner, 26 Functions All System Reset, Vehicle Diagnostic Check Tool, OBD2 Full Touch Screen, One Button For Readiness/Test/Update Battery Voltage

Why choose LAUNCH Gear Scan Plus Diagnostic Scanner?

  • LAUNCH Gear Scan Plus is a professional, comprehensive and advanced diagnostic tool.
  • 26 RESET FUNCTIONS INCLUDE: Oil lamp reset / EPB reset / BMS reset / SAS reset / TPMS reset / ABS exhaust / immobilizer / DPF regeneration / Gear learning / Injector coding / Throttle adjustment / Engine reset / Lamp Front AFS - Reset / Sunroof Setup / Suspension Reset / AC Reset / Type Reset / Radiator Reset / Windows Reset / Seat Reset / Language Reset / Trunk Reset / StopStart Reset / Reset Adblue / Transmission reset / NOx sensor reset.
  • Diagnostics of all ECU systems: engine, automatic transmission, airbags, immobilizer, ABS, ESP, cruise control, doors, body systems, steering, TPMS, rain sensor, 4WD stabilizer, smartphone park assist, radio system Acoustic, air conditioning, central locking, electric windows, heated rear windows, xenon headlights, washer, fuel heater, power system for seat and doors, electronic accelerator pedal, electronic ignition system.
  • Full OBD2 functionality and live data graphics 4 in 1.
  • Check I/M ready/test/refresh battery voltage in one click
  • DTC search provides instant access to the meaning of a symbol.
  • Data/Report Record/Play/Share/Print/Note.
  • 7 inch IPS touch screen for good visual effects.
  • Vehicle coverage is extensive and supports all vehicles after 1996 and newer OBD2.
  • Multi-language support: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian.

  • 【26 SERVICE RESET FUNCTIONS】: Launch Gear Scan Plus has been updated to support 26 special service reset functions: EPB Reset, Oil Reset, SAS Reset, BAT Reset, ABS Exhaust, Electric Throttle, Engine Reset, TPMS Reset DPF Reset AFS Reset Gear Learn Transmission Reset IMMO Injector Coding Sunroof Reset Suspension Reset AC Reset Type Reset Engine Reset Coolant Reset Windows Reset Seat Reset Language Reset Box reset stopstart reset, adblue reset, shipping reset, nox sensor reset Refresh the scanner before use and 11 new GR features will leave you unable to speak.
  • 【All Diagnostic Systems for Over 54 Vehicles】 Gear Scan Plus vehicle code reader for over 54 makes and 10,000 models, reads and scans codes and displays live data from all vehicle systems such as ABS, SRS, transmission, brake system, emission system, space system and body pressure, power, structure, etc.
  • 【OBD2 + Auto VIN Diagnostic Function for 10 Vehicles】: Wide system DTC reading and scanning, Live data, I/M readiness, Freeze tire, O2 sensor test, EVAP system test, Vehicle information, Component test, DTC search. (Auto recognition) Diagnosis: After the device and vehicle are successfully connected, the system will start the automatic recognition process. After the whole process is completed successfully, a diagnostic report will be generated automatically and sent (if necessary) to your inbox.
  • 【DTC Library + Battery Voltage and History】Allows you to retrieve diagnostic trouble code definitions from an extensive DTC database; Suitable for sedans, SUVs, light trucks and 12V pickup trucks. The battery voltage menu can be selected to test the current car battery voltage, and the battery status can be checked directly. 6000mAh tablet battery lasts more than 8 hours; Users can view the test report or continue to the last process without starting over.

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