Miktver 10.1 inch Small HDMI 1080P Portable IPS Monitor
Miktver 10.1 inch Small HDMI 1080P Portable IPS Monitor

Miktver Mini HDMI 10.1 Inch 1280x800 Portable IPS Monitor 1280x800 Portable IPS Monitor 16:9 HD LCD with Built-in Speakers

portable screen for you

Miktver portable monitors may not offer as much screen real estate as their desktop counterparts. However, these built-in monitors will definitely give you the extra space you need, whether you're creating content, playing games, or just multitasking at work, without taking up much space on your desktop.

Multiple video interfaces

The portable monitor can be directly connected to your security monitor, just use the BNC cable to display the video on a larger screen for your home monitoring. The smart choice for secondary displays in the home and office.

small portable screen

This small 10.1 inch monitor features a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and helps display crisp text and images through a computer's VGA or HDMI port or an HDMI video signal from a Blu-ray player.

Built-in speaker

Maybe your desk doesn't have enough space for external speakers, or you don't want to mess with external cables. Headphones may not be an option if more than one person needs to hear them. With a monitor installed, it can be difficult to find a place to talk to the outside world. All of these (and more) are reasons to consider internal speakers.

HDMI 1080P

If you want reasonable clarity but want to save money or focus on other, more important features, 1080p has you covered - as long as you don't buy a very large screen.

Easy to install

The Miktver Mini PC Monitor can be easily mounted on a wall using a standard VESA 75 mount (not included) or on a desk with an adjustable stand.

  • Full HD Color Screen: The LCD screen offers Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and 60Hz refresh rate, and the screen features a 3H anti-reflective hard coating to protect your eyes from fatigue. It also has a VGA input port.
  • Portable and Lightweight: The small screen is very portable, the small 10 inch screen is ideal for home entertainment, you can keep it in your kitchen, bedroom or bedside table. You can also keep it in your car, RV, or truck when you travel.
  • Versatile: Both HDMI and VGA inputs are supported, so you can connect it to just about anything. HDMI port for gaming, computer, laptop, DVR or other devices with HDMI ports. VGA connection to computer or laptop. AV connector for DVD, VCD, TV Box, Security Camera with AV Connector, etc.
  • Two-way mounting and wide-angle view: Easily mount to the wall with the industry-standard VESA 75 mount (not included) or mount to a desk with adjustable bracket. 160° vertical and horizontal viewing angles provide a clear view of the screen from various viewing angles.
  • Built-in Speakers: Two built-in stereo speakers deliver powerful, immersive 360-degree sound with deep, accurate bass. So all scenes look great, with high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability, immersive videos and games.

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