Mucar CS6 OBD2 Car Scanner Diagnostic Tool
Mucar CS6 OBD2 Car Scanner Diagnostic Tool

Auto Scanner , Mucar CS6 OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool for ABS SRS ENG TCM BCM 6 Oil Lamp Reset / EPB / SAS / TPMS / ETS / ABS / DPF Android 7 Auto Code Reader Diagnostic Update WiFi AutoVIN Update

One-click Wi-Fi Update

The presence of a Wi-Fi network means that the scan tool is also online. After the current system is installed, the Internet connection is relatively fast. With just one click, you get lifetime access to all upcoming new software updates.

Real-time data flow chart

This visual comparison and intuitive diagnosis of various real-time vehicle performance monitoring data allows you to better analyze abnormal parameters and better understand your vehicle. The obd2 scanner allows you to view readings of stress, time, air flow, pressure volume, oxygen sensor workload, etc.

Print a diagnostic report from a computer

What distinguishes this device from others is the ability to generate a vehicle diagnostic report after the diagnosis. You can share and print diagnostic reports by sending the report to PC.

Diagnostic system (check engine):

Quickly determine the cause of the engine system failure and turn off the warning lights. It can also retrieve current, continuous and pending codes in the vehicle's engine system, most importantly it can also display important advanced OBD2 standard data such as fuel, DPF data and other manufacturer specific parameters in real time on the engine system to ensure it is working that's for sure.

Anti-lock brake system (ABS) diagnosis:

Read and clear ABS fault codes and turn off warning lights. ABS codes are retrieved for smoother and safer braking. It also implements real-time data flow to the ABS system, allowing users to monitor and diagnose critical ABS systems to ensure that repairs to this critical system are effective and complete.

SRS (Air Bags) System Diagnosis:

The safety restraint system consists of collision sensors, the control unit and the airbag itself, and this diagnostic device detects every electronic parameter to check their health.

TCM system diagnosis (automatic transmission):

Read and scan codes and view transmission system data in real time to perfectly match transmission system performance with speed and load. It retrieves fault information from an automatic transmission (AT), a vehicle transmission that automatically changes gear ratios as the vehicle is in motion, eliminating the need for the driver to change gears manually.

BCM (Body Control Module) System Diagnostics:

The BCM system collects the above information, creates the appropriate control output (lights, windows, wipers, cleaning, etc.) and detects the download error.

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring) System Diagnostics:

TPMS diagnostics ensures proper operation of automatic real-time tire pressure monitoring. Healthy tires are an important characteristic of a safe vehicle. One of the easiest ways to avoid accidents is to maintain optimum tire pressure. Stability, braking and cornering depend on proper tire pressure. Holes, usually caused by a lack of inflation, can lead to serious accidents. Fuel efficiency and longevity also depend on tire pressure.

While most cars are now equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), these devices only indicate when the pressure is too low, not whether the pressure makes sense. In fact, more than 40% of vehicles equipped with TPMS systems have incorrectly inflated tires. To maintain optimum pressure, check your tires regularly, especially when it's cold!

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