Munchkin 10709 Shine Stainless Steel Baby Bottle Warmer
Munchkin 10709 Shine Stainless Steel Baby Bottle Warmer

When a baby is hungry, it can be a stressful time for the whole family. With this stainless steel fizzy bottle warmer, everyone can rest assured that your baby will be fed and soothed within minutes. With the stainless steel heating chamber, the bottle can be heated in a lukewarm water bath in less than three minutes, with no hot spots, limiting the loss of nutrients. In addition, the bottle is easy to remove with the basket, you just need to remove it when the automatic timer beeps. Most brands and sizes of large bottles fit in space - they're getting hotter and hotter! Safety Note Warning: Dangerous Headache! Do not use with extension cords. Note: This electrical product is not recommended for children under 3 years old. As with all electrical products, precautions must be observed in handling and use to avoid electric shock.

heating things up

The Brilliant Bottle Warmer is a bathroom style warmer with a premium stainless steel tank that warms breast milk safely and evenly. A thermos in two minutes? Your child will be happy and so will you.

Safe Bottle Warmer

The stainless steel tank heats breast milk and formula safely and evenly. Be sure to start with cold water (below 77 degrees). Includes a simple lifting basket for added safety and convenience.

Premium Membership Features

The versatile shape of this heater fits most brands and shapes of bottles. Stainless steel sinks are not only stylish, but also easy to clean. Simply clean with white vinegar and wipe with a damp cloth.

easy to use

The "on" button in the middle is easy to use - just select the bottle size and start temperature and press the button. The heating time depends on the volume of the bottle used and the temperature of the liquid. Small bottle at room temperature is ready in 2.5 minutes. Small bottle cold, large bottle at room temperature, about 4 minutes, long cold bottle 9 minutes. For more details, see the user guide.

Innovative products for all ages and levels

Experts agree that better caps make changing a bottle easier. That's why our flexible nipple extends to the tip of your baby's soft palate for a secure fit. Thanks to the flexible and flexible base, the Latch pacifier moves easily with the movements of the newborn, which can be repeated when the baby controls the head. This holds the baby on the breast and reduces the swallowing of air in the stomach.

Innovative products for all ages and levels

Being a father means keeping your butt dry and clean. At Munchkin, we have everything you need to be a professional diaper changer. Diaper pails have amazing odor control, check it out. Wipe off the cooler to enjoy more. Change kits on the go, check. Find out which jars to use to keep essentials organized and close at hand. Deodorant bag, check. and more? to check.

Innovative products for all ages and levels

Brica by Munchkin offers smart solutions for parents to travel with their children, making travel safer and fun for both parents and children. Whether you're driving, walking, or visiting your grandmother, we've got everything you need to get started.

Innovative products for all ages and levels

Don't forget the beautiful crockery, cutlery, drinking glasses, and cleaning supplies that make life easier for mom and baby. Our innovative designs and exceptional values ​​are the reasons why Munchkin products sell so well around the world. We believe snacking should be fun and every meal is a great way to bond with your child.

  • Bottle warmer with stainless steel heating chamber
  • Creates a warm water bath that heats the bottle evenly in less than 3 minutes without hot spots
  • Safely heat breast milk to prevent nutrient loss
  • Universally suitable for most common bottle shapes and sizes
  • Easy-Lift baskets safely remove thermos when ready to serve

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