NEIKO 40500A OBD2 Scanner Car Code Decoder
NEIKO 40500A OBD2 Scanner Car Code Decoder

NEIKO 40500A OBD2 Scanner | Auto Code Reader, Reader & Eraser | Check engine lights | Read and clear emissions and trouble codes | 9 records | OBD II, EOBD and CAN vehicles

Check Engine Light

The easy-to-use Neiko 40500A can easily read and clear stored emission codes. With an easy-to-read display, you can monitor various vehicle issues that trigger your check engine lights and more!

automatic compatibility?

The OBD2 scanner is compatible with most OBD2, EOBD and CAN compliant vehicles manufactured in the USA, Europe and Asia.

unique size...

This diagnostic tool is compatible with all 16-pin OBD-II DLC coils and has an easy-to-use 4-button operation. Imperial/Metric units are optionally available throughout the vehicle.

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Portable, operable, and portable, OBD II Scanner is portable and can be taken anywhere and run anywhere!

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Each diagnostic tool comes with an easy to read manual, so you can have complete control of your scanner at all times!

  • Car Code Reader: This car diagnostic scanner is a professional plug and play OBD diagnostic tool that supports 9 OBD protocols. With an easy-to-read display, you don't need a professional to tell you why the check engine light is on.
  • Emission codes: On-board diagnostics allow you to read and clear emissions codes stored in newer vehicles using standardized computer systems that monitor emissions control systems. View freeze frame data and display I/M readiness.
  • Screen type: OBD reader displays VIN number and functions as Operational Error, Fuel System, EGR, EVAP, Oxygen Monitor and Catalyst.
  • EASY TO USE: This automated tool is a car scanner with easy-to-use menus, supports 5 languages, Imperial/Metric units, and has a backlit display that gives you the freedom to work from home or garage all day.
  • FOR OBD II COMPLIANT VEHICLES: This device is suitable for most vehicles manufactured in the USA, Europe and Asia and all OBD2, EOBD and CAN compliant vehicles. Look for an approved OBD II or OBD II label in your vehicle's emissions control information to see if your vehicle is compliant.

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