OBDPROG MOTO 100 Motorcycle Diagnostic Scan Tool
OBDPROG MOTO 100 Motorcycle Diagnostic Scan Tool 

OBDPROG MOTO 100 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool With Service Light Reset Full System ABS Scanner Gauge For Harley Honda Yamaha Victory Indian Polaris BRP Code Reader Android 5 Inch Touch Screen

Why do you need MOTO 100?

A motorbike is very different from driving a car, which means that your motorbike will have other problems as well. Whether you are new to motorcycles or have been riding them for years, regular motorcycle maintenance can fix problems and keep your motorcycle running smoothly.

MOTO 100 is a professional motorcycle scanner compatible with VICTORY / HARLEY / INDIAN / POLARIS / BRP / HONDA / YAMAHA motorcycle models, which can diagnose engine, ABS, chassis, dashboard, turn signal switch, VSS, left and right side / steering Manual switching, the instrument cluster reads / clears error codes and displays data in real time.

Professional diagnostic scanners for all systems

The MOTO 100 is compatible with HARLEY-DAVIDSON / HONDA / YAMAHA / VICTORY / INDIAN / POLARIS / BRP motorcycle models for Standard Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Scooter, Snowmobile, Touring, Cruiser, Sportbike, Off- Road, and other types of street motorcycles.

Motorcycle Engine System Diagnostics:

Many cyclists are still confused by the blinking check engine light, which can be caused by various problems such as: b- clean engine injectors or poor combustion of the engine. This engine test will help you find the cause and turn off the check engine light once the problem is resolved.

Motorcycle ABS system diagnosis:

Anti-lock brake systems (ABS) on motorcycles prevent the motorcycle's brakes from locking up and the tires spinning. Possible causes of motorcycle ABS warning lights include a faulty wheel speed sensor, faulty ABS circuit, faulty ABS pump, and faulty pressure control solenoid valve. The ABS warning light illuminates to indicate a malfunction in the ABS system.

If the ABS lamp lights up, MOTO 100 can locate and correct the code in time. This saves you having to go to the workshop with your motorcycle.

Since the unit is designed to diagnose all motorcycle systems, besides the engine, ABS, it can also diagnose the chassis, dashboard, speedometer, VSS, ignition switch, etc. It equips left/right handlebars, gauges, suspension, traction control, and exhaust. / Clears error codes and displays data in real time.

special function:

Service light reset, throttle potentiometer reset, adaptive idle reset, idle controller trim, oxygen sensor adaptive value reset, calibration value reset, adaptive value reset, mixture reset, TPS reset, lock reset TPS, windshield adjustment, mixture adjust value reset, adaptive settings reset, electronic traction control adaptive value reset, control unit reset, traction, speed sensor initialization, mileage module, manual step adjustment, ECM reset, learn start Crank pulse, start mode log information reset, ECU replacement, PTO routine enable/disable, service routine, ion transfer selections, enable/disable remote connections, TPS setup routine, etc.

real time information

Monitor the condition of your motorcycle and view important information in real time. Due to its speed, the processor can scan and display errors in minutes. Display any data source as a graphical, proportional, or numerical display. With the ability to view data in real time, you can effectively diagnose problems, making it easier to find the right solution. It is ideal for professional mechanics who need to repair multiple engines on a daily basis.

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