PowerDrive PD3000 3000 Watt Power Inverter Features Bluetooth
PowerDrive PD3000 3000 Watt Power Inverter Features Bluetooth

PowerDrive PD3000 3000W Power Adapter with Bluetooth (R) Wireless Technology and Remote Access App Interface

Supporting AC devices up to 3000 Watts, the powerful PD3000 Power Supply delivers 3000 Watts of continuous AC power and high performance for devices that require up to 6000 Watts to start. Mobile features include a free downloadable mobile app that allows you to pair your smartphone and inverter to access features and settings. In addition, a detachable control panel allows remote monitoring and testing. Convenient connectivity options include four 3-slot AC power outlets and two USB power ports - a standard 2.4A port and a USB-C 3.0A port. Powerful security features include audible alarms and security shutdown. The durable ABS-PVC case is strong and tough to protect electronic components from wear and tear. Additional features: DC input voltage: 12.8V, AC output voltage: 115V. USB output: 5V/2 (usually 2400mA). AC output frequency: 58Hz-62Hz. Efficiency (maximum): >88%. Full load efficiency: >84%. Battery consumption with no AC load: <0.6A. Low battery alarm trigger: valid at 11 0.3V DC. Battery high breakpoint: 15.5V 0.5V DC / audible alarm. Low battery breakpoint: 10.5-0.3 VDC / audible alarm. Recovery voltage after shutdown: 12 0.3V DC. (MC) Fuse: 30A (12).

  • Four (4) 3-slot AC power outlets support multiple devices
  • 2 USB ports (total 2400 mA)
  • Download the free app to access features and settings remotely
  • The detachable control panel is separated to allow remote monitoring and testing

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