Pyramid PSV150 AC-to-DC Power Converter with USB Charge
Pyramid PSV150 AC-to-DC Power Converter with USB Charge 

Pyramid PSV150 Desktop AC-DC Power Adapter Power Supply with USB Charging and Cigarette Lighter Socket (12A)

Pyramid Model: PSV150 Hobbyist 12A Office Chair Desktop Power Adapter AC to AC Power Adapter with USB Charging and Cigarette Lighter Socket (12A) Features: The power regulator converts AC into DC and provides a stable DC power supply. Simple electrical connection without screws. Terminal Outlets Cigarette Lighter Accessories Car Power Ports USB Charging Port for Universal Device Charging No Batteries or External Power Required Desk Space Specifications: DC Current: 12A, max Recommended Wire and Cable Size: 18 (AWG) Load Test / Conditioning: Output Voltage Accuracy : +/- 0.02% Output voltage ripple: 150mV Overload protection: 4A/250V USB power supply: 5V/2A Output power: 13.8VDC Supply: 115/230V, voltage limiter

office chair made

Car cigarette lighter (12 amp)

DC switching AC power supplies have a variable linear regulator/regulator design for AC transformers. Provides reliable AC-DC power conversion using a constant DC voltage source. Suitable for mobile phones, CB radios, scanners, amateur radios, etc.


This desktop power adapter comes with a cigarette lighter and a wall socket adapter to power mobile devices. DC up to 9A, DC output power 13.8V and 115/230V AC switchable.

USB and screw terminals

This workbench variable power supply features a USB charging port and universal screw terminals for compatibility with a wide range of devices/devices. Used to test the operation and performance of the device/device.

permanent housing construction

This power supply has built-in electronic protection against overload and short circuit to ensure the safety of the operator and all connected electronic devices. It features a secure table top position for a stable structure.

  • Power Supply Design Specification
  • Convert alternating current to direct current
  • Provides a stable voltage source
  • Simple electrical connection
  • Hassle free calling stations

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