RD RD6012PW 5 Digit Dual Range USB WiFi DC to DC Step down Voltage
RD RD6012PW 5 Digit Dual Range USB WiFi DC to DC Step down Voltage

RD RD6012PW 5 Bit Dual Band USB WiFi DC-to-DC Buck Voltmeter 60V 12A (RD6012PW (version with USB/WiFi connection))


Hello, this is RD technology, this optional product is RD6012PW 5-bit power supply, without any casing or power supply input, please note that RD6012P has two current range: 0-12000A and 0-60000A, you can choose the up arrow keys and press the down arrow keys To change the current range, when the current range changes, the protection value will change automatically. Please pay attention to the value of OVP/OCP. If the specified value is greater than the OVP / OCP value, please read the instructions before use.

Battery is charging

You can use this device to charge the battery, but you need to use the green and black prompt to do this, because we have implemented the protection of the battery charging station, even if you make a wrong connection, it will not damage the device

computer program

We have PC software but we only support Win7 and above. If you can't find the download link, please leave us a message


We have an app to control the device. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play by searching for "Ryden".

Firmware upgrade

If there are new functions, you can use the PC software to connect the device and update the firmware to get new functions

protective sign

This symbol indicates the status of the device, whether it is in the normal state or in overvoltage/current/temperature protection mode

valve installation

If the fuse is blown, you can use a spare fuse, and insert it into the socket next to the fuse for a short time, less than 10A, but it is better to replace the damaged fuse to achieve full performance

style show

You can press the left and right arrow keys to change the display style, you can choose classic style / display style / curve style


RD6012PW uses linear power supply and switching power supply design, which makes the device more efficient and with less ripple

Custom Show

You can set the voltage / current / power and all parameters with the color you want, select "Custom color" to apply parameters

  • 1.5 digit display, supports 12A/6A current range switching, 0.0001A accuracy can be achieved within 6A range, 0.001A accuracy can be achieved within 12A range
  • 2. RD6012P series has two versions: RD6012P and RD6012P-W, RD6012P-W has WIFI card, RD6012P does not. RD6012P-W can use WIFI card to connect APP or use micro USB cable to connect PC software. RD6012P does not have WIFI card, only supports computer software connected by Micro USB cable, no APP. WLAN card connection with PC software is currently not supported.
  • 3. The APP supports Android 5.0 to Android 10.0, IOS10.0-13.4, Win7-Win10 PC system, there may be incompatibility issues, please download before buying, if the mobile phone can play, you can apply, if not Also, please stop buying
  • 4. There is a spare fuse in the box. If you blow the fuse, you can insert the fuse into the socket next to the blown fuse for a short while. It can only support using less than 10A, but for a better experience(12A output), please replace the blown fuse.
  • 5. Humanized interface, keyboard control, DIY display style, APP control, PC software and more functions, please check the description

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