Romondes RD3000 OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Transmission
Romondes RD3000 OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Transmission

Romondes RD3000 OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Transmission Check Car Engine Code Reader Auto Scanner Diagnostic Scan Tool With Oil Lamp EPB Reset Service Car VIN Free for Life

Engine system

Immediately check the engine system to see where the engine problem is, quickly identify the root cause of common malfunctions such as engine coolant leaks, engine coolant blockages, engine blow time, spark plug aging, etc., clear trouble codes and turn off warning lights. To ensure the safe operation of the engine.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

The airbag reset tool checks ABS operation and real-time data from all braking systems to easily identify faulty issues such as some common problems: valve rupture sensor, low brake fluid level and sensor failure. Then fix the problem, clear the code, turn off the warning light. Perform a quick reset of the airbag lamps.

Airbag system (SRS)

Do not increase the risk of driving due to a malfunction of the SRS system. This vehicle diagnostic reader identifies faulty components with detailed access to airbag system parameters. Reading and clearing all SRS trouble codes and then turning off the airbag warning light ensures that this important safety system is operating properly in the event of an accident.

Trading System

When the car rolls or rolls, shifting gears is difficult, the transmission overheats, the car slips or knocks, etc., these are the reasons for the failure of the transmission system. The RD3000 auto scanner scans the transmission system to display real-time data, reads and clears transmission system codes quickly and turns off the warning lights. Match vehicle speed and load with transmission performance to ensure the vehicle's safe operation.

Resetting the oil lamp

Oil is as important to the engine as blood to the heart. The oil contains a variety of additives that can effectively protect the vital moving parts of the engine and keep it running smoothly.

Changing the oil regularly is the most important part of car maintenance. With the RD3000 Scanner Auto Oil Light Reset Service, you can reset the service light on the dashboard, turn off the oil change light, and provide a more convenient service for your vehicle.

3 reset modes (one button reset, manual reset, auto reset) for 49 cars.

Environmental Protection Agency Services

Brakes are an important part of our driving process and braking system maintenance is linked to the safety of the entire vehicle. In the event of small problems with the brake system, we must always pay attention, fix them in time and nip potential safety hazards in the bud.

The Electric Parking Brake Reset Service allows you to service and reset the Electronic Parking Brake System brake pads, disable and enable the brake control system, change brake fluid, open and close the brake pads, and replace the brake pads. Brake or pad after disc movement.

Breaking down language barriers

OBD2 Diagnostics has a multi-language mode. You can freely switch between French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Italian to your preferred language. Get rid of translation software and save time.

Real-time graphic data

Displays real-time data (engine speed / transmission temperature / SRS / ABS / fuel system status, short-term fuel trim, etc. dynamic data) in 3 graphs: 1. 1 graph. 2. Multiple photos. 3. Combined schema (You can display two PID schemas in one coordinate to check how they affect each other). This allows you to analyze the diagnostic results more clearly and intuitively.

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