Ryobi P131 One+ Portable Dual Chemistry Lithium Ion or NiCad Vehicle Charger
Ryobi P131 One+ Portable Dual Chemistry Lithium Ion or NiCad Vehicle Charger

Ryobi P131 One + Li-Ion or Ni-Cd Dual Chemical Portable Car Charger

You can always work on mobile from one construction site to another. You can use the car battery to charge the battery of your smart device between tasks. When you purchase the Ryobi One + P131, you can charge the lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium batteries on every flight. Have you run out of nails and need to go to the hardware store? When you get there, just plug this charger into your cigarette lighter and the drill/driver will be ready when you get home. The charger has a built-in LED indicator that lets you know when the battery is being charged and when it is due. It even lets you know when your battery runs out, so you can be sure your gadget is working properly. Whether you're on the highway or stuck in nearby traffic, picking up your P131 will always make the most of your time.

  • Dual Chemistry: This charger easily charges single-cell Li-Ion batteries or older NiCd batteries when connected to your 12V car cigarette lighter socket.
  • Gauge your charge: LEDs built into the system test your battery for errors and tell you when and when the battery is being charged properly.
  • Protection circuit: This charger contains technology that notifies you when your car battery is dead. This charger turns off as soon as your car battery falls below a certain charge limit
  • INSTALLABILITY: Mount this loader to a truck or larger truck and it comes with a keyhole hook.
  • Fuse: 12V transformer with 250V, 8A, 5 x 20mm fuse for accidental power surge protection.

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