Sense ‎12001 Energy Monitor with Solar
Sense ‎12001 Energy Monitor with Solar 

Sense Energy Monitor with Solar - Tracks real-time energy consumption and solar energy production with stringent ETL/Intertek security standards

A brief overview of the use of solar energy

Solar efficiency statistics start with looking at what's going on, but it's so much more than that.

Real-time production and use

Find out exactly how much energy you are producing, consuming and selling it back to the grid in real time.

Know the state of energy in your home

Track how much energy you gain and spend over time to see how patterns emerge. You'll get details by day, week, month, year, and billing period. You may be surprised by what you learn.

Use more of what you do

Find out how much electricity you get from solar or from the grid, how much extra electricity you sell, and how much electricity you have in your home to power your solar system. We want to help you get to net zero.

Save energy and money

If you know how much energy your home uses, when and where, you can save money. Sense gives you the tools to take it apart and take action.

See what's new

Get views of the house that you can't see anywhere else. Find out when the garage door opens, the TV turns on, or the drying cycle ends. Save yourself a flight of stairs!

Disaster avoidance

Sure, knowing when to turn some appliances on and off is convenient, but it can also save your home. Heavy rain? Check the function of the sewage pump! Do you think you forgot to turn off the oven? Set a reminder to notify you when it's been on for more than an hour.

Track prices based on time of use

If you have a usage-based rate plan, you can enter rate fields for more accurate invoices and historical costs. You can also set up push notifications to notify you when you enter peak areas.

Device discovery for machine learning

As Sense tracks your home's energy, it begins to identify most home appliances and other appliances that use more than 60 watts. Sense monitors typically recognize 12 devices within the first month of installation and 25-30 devices after 12 months.

Useful points

Sense integrates with select IoT devices, giving you more control via voice or the Sense app. Discover Sense connectivity with Hue, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, TP-Link/Kasa, and Wemo Smart Plugs.

Strict safety test

All devices inside the panel must be designed and certified to meet the highest safety standards. In addition to extensive internal testing, Sense monitors are tested to UL and IEC safety standards and are ETL/Intertek certified for safe installation in your control cabinets.


Sense Solar is compatible with most solar power systems - those that connect directly to the main panel, whether powered from a circuit breaker or a bypass outlet.

  • SENSE helps you save energy and money by providing insight into your home's energy use and activities. Hourly package usage is now supported.
  • Solar Maximization: Compare solar energy production and consumption side by side in one view to maximize the energy you produce and reduce the energy you buy.
  • Discover what's new. Find out what's going on: Track how much electricity you're using, when your kids come home, or when someone leaves a basement lamp on. Sense identifies your energy consumption habits to help your family be more productive, informed, and safe.
  • Avoid Disasters: Set up custom alerts for critical equipment such as submersible pumps, borehole pumps or irons.
  • Meets stringent safety standards: Sense components and systems are designed for installation and commissioning in control cabinets and are ETL/Intertek certified.

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