Tommee Tippee UV 3 in 1 Sterilizer for Baby Bottles
Tommee Tippee UV 3 in 1 Sterilizer for Baby Bottles

Tommee Tippee 3-in-1 UV Sterilizer kills germs and 99.9% of germs* without steam or water

The Tommee Tippee Ultra UV 3-in-1 Sterilizer is a simple and super hygienic way to sterilize, dry and store baby bottles in a sterile environment. Get clean, sterilized bottles when you need them with a UV sterilizer. No water. No hot steam. No more wet bottles. Only clean, dry and sterile feeding accessories can protect the little tummy. Ultraviolet light is an invisible light that kills 99.9% of microorganisms. It is an effective way to disinfect harmful bacteria, mold, viruses* and other germs without the use of chemicals and is widely used to disinfect equipment in hospitals, dentists and doctors' offices. Now we have it in one safe and easy-to-use unit. The sterilizer's reflective interior helps reflect UV light to ensure all areas of bottles and other feeding accessories are completely sterilized. Sterilize and dry up to 6 bottles in just 60 minutes or choose the 30 minute dry mode only if your bottles are already sterilized. In storage mode, the device runs a program emitting 5 minutes of UV light and 5 minutes of drying every 2 hours to ensure contents remain sterile. You can open the door, remove the dishes, and choose the storage program again. **Contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours if door is left closed. Our UV sterilizers accept all brands of bottle, nipple and breast pump attachments and feature adjustable shelves. Sterilizers feature washable and replaceable filters that help keep dust and debris out of the air used to dry bottles and feeding accessories so they stay clean after sterilization. 1 replacement filter included. UV lights are ideal for express shipping of our luminous products, such as B. Breast Shape Night Pacifier. * Tested for H1N1 influenza (tested according to EN 16777)

Why do we use UV sterilization?

The bacteria in leftover milk can lead to nasty infectious bacteria. The UV rays of this sterilizer kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria by using long-lasting and energy-saving UV lamps. This means no steam and no chemicals, just a safe and easy way to sterilize, dry and store your baby's bottles and supplies.

Fast drying and no noise

Sterilize and dry 6 bottles in 60 minutes or choose the 30 minute drying mode only if your bottles are already sterilized. No noisy installation. No water. without steam. No more wet bottles.

Complete peace of mind

This sterilizer works with most brands of bottles, nipples, pacifiers and breast pump accessories. It also filters dust, pollen and air pollutants for complete peace of mind.

Energy Efficiency

The Philips UV lamp inside the sterilizer can last up to 6000 hours and is equipped with an automatic shut-off mode that turns off the UV light when the sterilizer door is opened.

Simplified sterilization

We have a range of sterilizers to suit all your needs. These reusable travel sterilizer bags are portable, so you can have a clean, safe bottle in less than a minute. The Steam Mini Microwave Sterilizer is small and compact yet still filling all your electric sterilizers. All electric sterilisers are designed to be fast, easy and safe so that you can quickly feed your baby any time of the day!

  • KILLS VIRUSES* AND 99.9% OF BACTERIA: Viruses and bacteria are not immune to UV sterilizer.
  • UV rays kill viruses and 99.9% of harmful bacteria without heat, steam or harsh chemicals.
  • No steam, no water: UV light is a dry, safe form of disinfection.
  • With 4 different functions, it can dehydrate, sterilize, dehydrate and sterilize in one device and store bottles hygienically.
  • Safety and Energy Saving: Auto off mode automatically turns off the UV light when the door is opened during use. Philips energy saving and long lasting UV lamps last up to 6000 hours

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