TT TOPDON OBD2 Scanner TOPDON Scan Tool ArtiDiag500S
TT TOPDON OBD2 Scanner TOPDON Scan Tool ArtiDiag500S

TT TOPDON OBD2 Scanner TOPDON ArtiDiag500S AT/ENG/ABS/SRS Scan Tool Diagnostic Tool Oil Reset BMS Bleed DPF Throttle Adaptation 5 Reset Auto Scanner Car Code Reader Free Lifetime

Oil Reset (Compatible with 53 Car Brands)

Did you notice the service light or oil light on your Honda Civic after an oil change? You need this OBD2 scanner to reset the maintenance system. The oil reset function can help to reset the oil service light and adjust the oil change interval.

ABS vent (compatible with 34 car brands)

If you find your brake pads are too soft and less effective, this check tool can help you. The ABS Bleed feature allows you to perform a two-way test to check the condition of the ABS and remove trapped air from the system.

DPF Regeneration (compatible with 39 car brands)

This diagnostic tool manages the regeneration of the DPF to eliminate blockage thanks to the continuous combustion of particles trapped in the filter. When the DPF regeneration cycle is complete, the DPF lamp will automatically turn off.

BMS reset (compatible with 31 car brands)

The scan tool can assess the battery charge status and register new replacement batteries. So your car system does not keep the old battery settings and treats the new battery like the old one.

Butterfly air conditioner (compatible with 37 car brands)

Do you know why there is a violent throttle response after cleaning the throttle? This check tool makes initial adjustments to the engine brakes so you can ride smoothly.

  • 【Upgrade the 2022 car scanner to provide 5 comprehensive, accurate and fast reset services. It far exceeds the capabilities of a simple OBD2 code reader. The large 5-inch color screen displays high-quality results quickly and directly. The new TOPDON 2022 diagnostic tool is equipped with five commonly used reset functions, including oil reset, BMS reset, ABS exhaust, DPF reset and throttle adjustment. ** The list of features indicates the make, model and year of manufacture.
  • 【4 Diagnostic Systems + Auto Vehicle Scan】 This car scanner performs basic diagnostics that every mechanic and car owner can rely on. Includes ABS/SRS/Engine/Transmission diagnostics to solve basic safety issues for 90 automakers; This OBD2 Scanner displays fast and accurate vehicle identification with automatic VIN scanning, helps you read out codes, photo stops and real-time real-time data. Problem.
  • 【Full OBD2 Compliance + Data Logging & Reading】Full OBD2 tests help solve common emissions-related issues for vehicles older than 3 years. You can save, run and print automatic scan reports from your computer to easily review the diagnostic results. Up to 4 data streams can be combined into one chart for easy comparison. Has a confusing code been triggered? Find out what they mean in the DTC library or try the online reviews to connect with our experts.
  • [Wide Compatibility + One-click Update to Latest Software] Free 1-click online WiFi update for life, bringing you the latest bug fixes, new cars, new settings and features. Comprehensive vehicle coverage includes 90 auto manufacturers for most vehicles from 1996 through 2020. It supports diesels (12V only), 12V passenger cars, minivans, light trucks, SUVs, gasoline and vans compatible with OBD2 / EOBD / JOBD and CAN protocols.
  • 【PREMIUM AFTER-SALE SERVICE PACKAGE】 You can expect 60 days unconditional return and 100% original replacement policy; Product quality reserve for 12 months; Dedicated technical support 24/7. Free lifetime upgrades ensure your vehicle coverage continues to grow at no additional cost. This OBD2 scanner has 9 languages ​​compatible menu: EN / FR / ES / DE / IT / RU / PT / JP / KR. Package Contents: 1 * ArtiDiag500S, 1 * DC 5V Charging Cable, 1 * Quick Start Guide, 1 * User Manual

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