VDIAGTOOL VT100 Car OBD2 ABS Bleed Scan Tool
VDIAGTOOL VT100 Car OBD2 ABS Bleed Scan Tool

VDIAGTOOL VT100 Auto OBD2 Scanner Tool ABS Bleeding Scan Tool Vehicle Code Reader and Reset Tool ABS/SRS/Engine/Transmission Diagnostics,Oil Reset/EPB/SAS/Throttle Relearn with In-Line Update and Carrying Case

VT100 Scanner = 4 System Optimized OBD2 Scan Tools + 10 OBD2 Code Read Modes

4 System Optimized OBD2 Scanner

Engine System: The VT100 Engine Diagnostic Tool can read advanced codes, clear DTC codes, display live data and frame your engine system, quickly identify manufacturer-specific codes, stuck codes, fault codes, and engine light, and help you stop important fault warnings. Lighting for travel and daily medical check-ups

Getriebe: Das VT100-Getriebediagnosetool kann auf das Fahrzeuggetriebe zugreifen, tiefe Fehlercodes abrufen und zurücksetzen, Live-Daten anzeigen und das Bild des Fahrzeuggetriebes einfrieren, des Ihnen gabes helfen kewind, Die Aeust und zurücksetzen, he is. fit of price. The VT100 TCM System Diagnostic Tool can quickly detect transmission faults, help car owners and technicians solve speed problems in time, prevent them from deteriorating, and let you drive safely.

Anti-lock brake system (ABS): An anti-lock braking system designed to prevent you from "locking up" the brakes, or applying so much pressure on your vehicle's brakes that the axles and wheels themselves stop spinning. The VT100 ABS Scan Tool can help you quickly identify malfunctions and remove air from the ABS system to maintain vehicle stability and sensitivity, prevent loss of vehicle control, especially on wet or slippery surfaces, and ensure driver safety.

SRS System: The VT100 Airbag Check Tool provides quick access to the vehicle's supplemental restraint system to read/clear trouble codes from ECUs, collision sensors and airbag systems, helping you troubleshoot real SRS system problems as quickly as they can be identified and identified. Protect the driver and passengers to avoid injury or death.

10 emissions-related test modes OBDII code reader with live data, smoke test, component test, tire freeze, vehicle information and more.

Real-time data: The VT 100 real-time data barcode scanner can display real-time vehicle speed, calculate payload value, intake air temperature, engine coolant temperature, ignition timing, air/fuel mixture, oxygen sensor, short-range trim/length Fuel and engine speed data for your vehicle to help you understand and get a clear picture of engine performance and its computerized comparison systems. It helps DIY enthusiasts, DIY enthusiasts, technicians, workshops and car owners find engine performance information and identify potential problems and abnormal parameters.
Smoke Test (I/M Test Ready): The VT100 OBD2 Barcode Scanner comes with a smoke test to help you test your vehicle's engine system, ensure your vehicle's engine performance in terms of emissions meets I/M guidelines, and help you pass your annual smoke tests. With peace of mind.
Freeze Frame: The VT100 barcode scanner with freeze frame can help determine when an error occurs because it records a snapshot of operating parameters such as vehicle speed, fuel pressure, etc. and helps you locate exactly where the error is, saving you time.
Vehicle Information: The VT100 vehicle code reader can read the vehicle's VIN number, year, calibration ID, calibration check number, etc. Find out if the ECU has been replaced when buying a used car
OBD2 Scanner VT100-4 also supports code reading, trouble code reset, ECU information reading, component testing, on-board display testing, unit testing, and oxygen sensor testing.

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