VQBAA 110V to 220V Converter Voltage Transformer Step
VQBAA 110V to 220V Converter Voltage Transformer Step

110V to 220V Voltage Converter VQBAA 1500W US Voltage Converter for AC 220V Electrical Appliances

VQBAA 110V to 220V Step Up Transformer for European and Chinese Appliances

1: Before purchasing a voltage converter, be sure to check your device's Maximum Power Consumption (MPC) which may be listed on the device nameplate or in the user manual to avoid user frustration and unnecessary returns. The MPC of the device must be less than the maximum load capacity (MLC) of this converter, otherwise it will not work. For safety reasons and for best results, the manufacturer recommends that the MLC of the adapter be equal to or greater than the MPC of your device.

2: The VQBAA Heavy Duty Boost is also known as a voltage converter, voltage converter, inverter, step converter, dual voltage converter or transformer and is designed for use in any electronic equipment, heavy machinery, home applications and industries around the world.

  • The input voltage of the VQBAA power transformer is 110V-120V, and the output voltage of the two sockets is 220V-240V.Two devices with rated voltage of 220V can be used at the same time. Note: The sum of the power of the two devices must not exceed the adapter.
  • Inverters provide you with a safe, reliable and convenient power solution for converting 110V to 220V for home appliances and industrial applications.
  • For safety reasons, it is recommended to use a voltage converter/transformer with a maximum power of at least 50% higher than your equipment. For example, this 1500W transformer can only use electrical equipment less than 1300W to avoid damage to the transformer itself and the equipment used.
  • The VQBAA Voltage Converter is equipped with a circuit breaker that turns off the power when electrical equipment is overloaded and provides complete overcurrent protection. Before purchasing this power adapter, check the power and voltage of your electrical devices, and do not overcharge them.
  • 110 volt transformer to 220 volts.. Simple and easy to use and does not take up much space. Toroidal adapter, higher efficiency helps reduce weight.

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