WZRELB 1500W 12V 120V Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter
WZRELB 1500W 12V 120V Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter

WZRELB 1500W 12V 120V Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter With Remote Switch

About WZRELB Pure Sine Wave Inverter Professional Manufacturer 10 Years Quick Response Customer Service & Product Details 18 Months Input DC 12V DC Input Range 10V-15V 85%-90% AC Output 120V Frequency 60Hz US Dual Output > Low Voltage Alarm 9 5V- 10pcs Low voltage 5V 9V - 10V>Manual overload shutdown>Overvoltage shutdown 15 Cooling mode 5V When the temperature exceeds 50 °C, cooling fan operation precautions 1 Please do not reverse the positive and negative poles of the inverter and the negative grid power 2 of Please do not overload If your application is inductive load, please choose an inverter with 3-7 times the continuous power of your device 3 Please turn on the load first, then turn off the inverter Due to the soft start function, please turn on the inverter and turn on the load, otherwise it may turn off The gear is unstable for the first four seconds. For the flashing red light, please remember that the input voltage is low. part.

Power transformers for off-grid systems

A stable power supply anytime, anywhere~

An extra thick 2.0mm circuit board is used to increase flexibility.

High quality copper induction ensures pure sine wave at AC output and protects your devices.

The high frequency inverter converts DC into AC to ensure stable and full AC output.

Create your own comfort zone in the car

The compact and robust design allows a small power to be used in your vehicle, eg b. Mobile home or trailer go anywhere. Create your own comfortable and functional zone.

Don't miss the pure sine wave inverter. Do not miss your comfort zone in life.

Enjoy the natural leisure time

Even if you are camping in a remote area, electricity is still essential.

Lying in the lap of nature, to shine the light of modern civilization.

Stay safe and sound when the lights are on

This is the age of electricity. But sometimes natural disasters send us headlong into dark times (without power). The problem is easily solved by using a reliable WZRELB pure sine wave inverter.

Feel the beauty of energy and stay home safely with light.

  • WZRELB 1500W 12V to 120V AC Pure Sine Wave Generator Good Inverter Main Power 1500W Continuous Power 3000W Peak Power with Dual US Plug AC Voltage LED Display
  • Full Safety Low Voltage Protection Thermal Polarity Short Circuit Protection Reverse Polarity Fuse Earth Protection
  • The built-in smart fan operates without load depending on the temperature. Extend battery life. It is completely quiet and only starts spinning at 50°C
  • Easy Energy Consumption Monitoring - LED display displays DC and AC voltage, giving users a clear understanding of power consumption
  • High quality copper waveform induction filter to ensure AC output real pure sine wave to protect your devices. All major imported mosfets, strong driving ability

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