WZRELB for AC appliances 2500W 12V DC to AC Power Inverter
WZRELB for AC appliances 2500W 12V DC to AC Power Inverter

WZRELB for AC Appliances 2500W 12V DC to AC Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter (RBP250012B1)

2500W 12VDC to 120VAC 60Hz Pure Sine Wave Inverter manufactured by Yueqing Rust Electric Co., Ltd. produced. , is a company specialized in the research, development and production of pure sine wave inverter for 8 years. The inverter is CE FCC certified. We have a strong team of power conversion engineers and manufacture uniquely designed inverters. We guarantee this is a 2500W pure sine wave inverter with high efficiency and low leakage. We develop the most complex and stable software and hardware designs. Each MOSFET is huge on the inside. The most durable electronic components are used indoors. The power adapter is EMC certified and will not cause any electromagnetic interference to TV, radio, audio, etc.

Create your own comfort zone in the car

The compact and rugged design allows a small power pack to be used in your vehicle, eg B. Mobile home or trailer go anywhere. Create your own comfortable and functional zone.

Don't miss the pure sine wave inverter. Do not miss your comfort zone in life.

Enjoy the natural leisure time

Even if you are camping in a remote area, electricity is still essential.

Light up your natural entertainment with the dependable WZRELB power supply.

Lying in the lap of nature, to shine the light of modern civilization.

Stay safe and sound when the lights are on

This is the age of electricity. But sometimes natural disasters recklessly send us into dark times (without power). The problem is easily solved by using a reliable WZRELB pure sine wave inverter.

  • Feel the beauty of energy and stay home safely with light.
  • Continuous Power: 2500W Pulse Power: 5000W DC Input Voltage: 12V AC Output Voltage: 120V AC Waveform: Pure Sine Wave Frequency: 60Hz Plug Type: US Plug Line Description
  • LED display of DC voltage and AC voltage for user display. More than 90% high efficiency
  • Over current protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, high voltage cut-off over temperature protection

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