XTOOL D8BT Wireless Automotive Diagnostic Tool
XTOOL D8BT Wireless Automotive Diagnostic Tool

XTOOL D8BT Wireless Car Diagnostic Tool (New Model 2022), Bi-Directional Scan Tool with Advanced ECU Coding, Full OE Diagnostics, 31+ Special Functions, Key Programming, BT Version. by XTOOL D8

  • The 2022 XTOOL D8BT All-in-One Wireless Diagnostic Tool is an affordable wireless scanning tool for professional/advanced users who can quickly detect various faults and perform multiple maintenance functions, allowing you to recoup the cost in a short time. The D8BT offers a powerful set of advanced features such as ECU encryption, bidirectional control, full wireless system diagnostics and more than 31 services that allow workshop mechanics to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently for a smooth workflow.
  • Advanced ECU Coding Function ▶ The latest XTOOL D8BT vehicle diagnostic scan tool contains advanced ECU coding functions that allow you to access the vehicle's ECU to reset the vehicle's ECU, tune the vehicle as needed, and improve vehicle-specific performance. In addition, it allows reconfiguration of the ECU, adaptive registration of certain components after repair or replacement, etc. Note: ECU coding is only available for certain units of certain models.
  • Bi-Directional On-Board Control / Active Test XTOOL D8BT is a bi-directional scanning tool that allows you to request information from the vehicle's electronic control unit or send commands to the vehicle's unit for tests and functions. Determine the cause of the error specifically, quickly and accurately. The XTOOL D8BT Bi-Directional Scanner is the first choice of many auto repair shop owners and professional mechanics to facilitate proper vehicle repair.
  • MORE THAN 31 SPECIAL FUNCTIONS ▶ The XTOOL D8BT is designed for mechanics, workshops and workshops, as well as general service functions such as oil reset, EPB, SAS trim, DPF regeneration, throttle body relearn, injector coding, IMMO/key programming, exhaust ABS, Reset TPMS, BMS, Power Balance, etc. Note: Service functions are not available on all vehicles. Please send your PIN and desired job to xtoolofficial @ hotmail. com to check compatibility before ordering.
  • ▶ XTOOL D8BT provides you OEM-only diagnostics for accurate and detailed results on all vehicle systems, complete OE level system diagnostics for codes, freeze tires, ECU information reading, corresponding tasks, modification, and display of real-time data for each system available in graphic/text model, and run active tests to check the working state of the unit. It comes with a VCI for wireless diagnostics, giving you greater mobility without the hassle of cables.
  • Smart AutoVin / Code Scan / Manual Input and Auto Scan XTOOL D8BT can get the VIN automatically via AutoVin Code / Camera Scan or manually enter the VIN directly into the vehicle list. Use automatic scanning to fully scan all available units to reduce diagnostic time. Note: Auto VIN is not available on all vehicles. You can navigate the car manually instead.
  • CAN FD vehicle support, coverage of more than 85 brands and 16 languages ​​▶ XTOOL D8BT is currently the only auto diagnostic scanner that supports CAN FD vehicles in this category (General Motors vehicles after 2020) 85 models and from 10,000 vehicles Comprehensive insurance gives you all A diagnostic option a mechanic would almost need. Multilingual menus allow you to easily switch between languages, allowing mechanics to avoid language barriers and focus on their vehicle data.
  • 2 Years USA Warranty and 3 Years Free Updates XTOOL D8BT Diagnostic Scan Tool includes a 2 year USA warranty and 3 years free updates. If you have any problems using it, please contact xtoolofficial @ hotmail. com, we will be more than happy to solve your problem and make you satisfied.

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