Amazon opens its first clothing store
Amazon opens its first clothing store

Amazon has opened its first flagship clothing store, Amazon Style, in the Los Angeles area, indicating its ambition to break into the apparel market.

Visitors to the Americana store at the Brand Mall use the app to scan codes on displayed items to send them directly to the fitting room or to purchase directly without the need to wear a costume.

The store does not have Just Walk Out technology. But there are regular employees who can help you. The store focuses on reducing the hassle of trying on clothes.

Amazon Style features hundreds of brands curated by fashion manufacturers and reviews sent by millions of customers who shop on

Scanning the QR code next to an item will reveal the exact size and color, as well as details like customer reviews, and add the item to a list for later review.

Instead of using the cashless Just Walk Out technology found on Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods sites, Amazon Style chose Amazon One's palm recognition service.

But on the store page, Amazon says, "We're bringing more looks and less clutter to in-store shopping." Advanced machine learning algorithms are constantly being improved to find the right look for you based on your preferences.

Use the app to unlock the dressing room. Staff selects the fitting rooms and informs you when your clothes are ready to try on.

Each fitting room is also equipped with a touch screen so customers can order additional items to try or evaluate their options.

Items in the store can be purchased online or in store and returned to any store.

Amazon showcases its retail expertise

Amazon has been experimenting with fashion technology for years, including the Echo Look, a connected camera that combines human and machine intelligence to recommend styles, sort clothes by color, and keep track of items in a person's wardrobe.

The Echo Look is linked to Prime Wardrobe, a program that allows users to try on clothes and return items they don't want to buy.

In March 2021, Amazon overtook Walmart as the largest apparel retailer in the United States. This is partly due to increased online demand linked to the pandemic.

Analysts estimate that US clothing and footwear sales on Amazon topped $41 billion last year, including sales through third-party sellers.

Amazon has had less success with traditional stores. It recently announced the closure of dozens of bookstores and pop-up kiosks in malls to focus on other areas of retail.

However, in the last quarter of 2021, Amazon physical stores generated approximately $4.68 billion in revenue.

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