Honda announces electric SUV
Honda announces electric SUV

Honda released the first teaser for the upcoming electric SUV, nearly two years before its planned debut in early 2024.

The car was the first tangible result of a partnership with General Motors that also included cars bearing the Acura logo. The manufacturer is trying to make up for lost time with the idea of ​​electric cars.

With the launch of the Honda E and its longstanding partnership with General Motors, Honda is making its ambitions for electric vehicles clear.

But the company still lags behind most other automakers, especially its closest rival Toyota, which will launch its first big electric car this year.

Introduction It is Honda's first electric SUV sold in North America (hatchbacks are available in Europe and Japan).

The only images, only computer-generated and not actual preview images, show the SUV's sharp body lines and thick tires.

Prologue is a design collaboration between studios Los Angeles and Japan and was also co-developed with General Motors.

This is the first Honda vehicle designed primarily using virtual reality simulation. This approach is necessary due to the need to work remotely during the coronavirus pandemic, as designers in Los Angeles need to collaborate virtually with Japanese design and development teams.

Honda cars will go on sale in 2024

Inspired by the Honda e, the front end features stylish headlights with horizontal daytime running lights, while there are trapezoidal air intakes and vertically angled air intakes underneath.

The charging port is located on the left front fender and the exterior mirrors are mounted on the door body. Honda says it paid special attention to aerodynamics to reduce wind noise, which is especially important given the quiet powertrain.

Prologue is based on GM's modular electrical platform and Ultium battery technology. The platform also supports GMC Hummer EV, Chevrolet Silverado EV and Cadillac Lyric SUV pickups.

No details were disclosed. But the car has to be the same specification as the Lyriq, which has to be about the same size as the Honda.

Honda plans to launch 30 new electric cars by 2030, with expected sales of 2 million. The production and sale of a new electric car based on e:Architecture is also scheduled to begin in 2026.

The affordable electric vehicle (also developed with General Motors) is expected to hit the market in 2027.

There is not much information at the moment. But it's still worth taking a look at Honda's focus on electric cars.

The company also plans to offer self-driving and Level 2 courier services to merchants in the United States. In addition to some modern architectural designs.

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