Twitter improves third-party apps
Twitter improves third-party apps

Twitter has announced an update that will greatly improve the experience on third-party social media platform apps.

This update gives developers better access to inverted schedules. The recent update to version 2 of the API is another step in the company's journey to better support developers.

The developers use the second version of the API to retrieve data from Twitter. As the company pointed out in the blog post of the announcement, the new API version 2 feature gives developers the ability to retrieve the most recent tweets and tweets posted by authenticated users and the accounts they follow.

In other words, if you open the platform's official app and choose the "Recent Tweets" option, developers can request to see the data Twitter shows you so that their apps can show this data.

This feature is most popular for third party clients like Tweetbot. “The old way to get the user’s timeline was one of the most popular API calls,” said Paul Haddad, one of the developers of Tweetbot.

The old version of the API was introduced in 2012. As a result, it became outdated and developers using it faced more restrictions when trying to get the user's timeline.

Haddad explained that this change makes Tweetbot more responsive to users. “We have been able to update the timeline frequently and allow users to go back a lot in the timeline because the second version of the API allows developers to make more requests in more ways,” he said.

Twitter gives developers better access

With the old version of the API, version 1.1, you can request the calendar 15 times in a 15-minute window. It can return up to 800 tweets.

The second version of the API supports up to 180 requests per user in 15 minutes. He got 3,200 tweets.

From his perspective as a developer, Haddad finds that updating makes things easier. “We are currently using API version 1.1 to get a list of tweets,” he said. While we use the second version of the API to fill in specific data (polls, maps, metrics, etc.). With the new API version v2 we can get all the data in one step.

At the launch of the second version of the API, the company said that it was trying to make adjustments with the developers. This comes after years of offering new features exclusively to its official app.

The Company has removed these restrictions from its Terms of Service. These restrictions prevent third-party apps from competing with official apps, such as b. Limit the number of users.

With the update, the company appears to be showing that it is continuing the trend of giving developers access to important features. It is worth noting that Twitter has created and released a second version of the Timeline API, Haddad said.

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