Ford wants to increase sales of electric cars
Ford wants to increase sales of electric cars

Ford has made clear it wants to restructure its sales model, including creating an e-commerce platform where customers can buy electric cars at non-negotiable prices to match Tesla's profit margins.

The automaker also said it would spend $3.7 billion to hire 6,200 union workers and operate assembly plants in Michigan, Ohio and Missouri as the automaker sells 2 million electric vehicles annually worldwide through the end of 2026 under the auto program.

Much of the investment will go to factories that make the company's cars, including the F-150 Lightning pickup truck and a new electric car due to go into production in the middle of the century.

However, the company said it is also investing in factories that assemble its gas-powered cars. He plans to use some of the funding to produce a new Ranger pickup and a Mustang coupe.

The company plans to work with dealers, suppliers and automakers as the industry begins producing more electric vehicles.

The comments come at a time when auto prices are uncertain due to a supply chain crisis and manipulation by new car dealers.

According to the company, futures traders do not own shares. Instead, vehicles are shipped directly to customers via remote pickup and delivery.

"Your jobs can change a lot," the company's CEO said. There can be many winners and losers. I think there may be a convergence of efforts. However, he did not mention a timetable for switching to online sales. Not in detail either. Ford Dealer Network Program.

Transitioning to an online-only sales model can present a number of challenges as automakers have limited control over sales networks.

State laws protect auto dealers, who spend millions of dollars each year lobbying to assert their position.

Tesla operates retail stores but not merchants, which is a major advantage in reducing broker costs and maintaining profits.

Ford is working with dealers moving forward

At the time, not only did Ford change how it sells its cars. In a landmark restructuring, Ford separated its electric vehicle business from its internal combustion engine vehicle business in March.

Profits from the Ford Blue internal combustion engine car business are financing the growth of the electric car business known as Ford Model e.

The company's CEO compared his view of the company's sales model to the chain's strategy of using its traditional stores to compete with Amazon.

"The Target chain may have collapsed, but that's not the case," he said, the Target chain leveraging its brick-and-mortar retail experience while modernizing its e-commerce approach.

“We had to charge non-negotiable prices and be 100% online in order for inventory to go directly to customers through 100% remote pickup and delivery,” Farley said. But that doesn't mean getting rid of special agents.

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