Twitter is moving away from space newsletters and community
Twitter is moving away from space newsletters and community

Twitter employees face public comment, management changes, and a hiring freeze from future social network owners.

In addition, some employees are being transferred to new positions as companies move away from riskier projects.

The company plans to pull resources from some of its long-term ambitions to focus on its most pressing needs.

Long-term goals are listening rooms, newsletters, and communities. Although there is an urgent need to consider the growth in user numbers and personalization efforts.

This means that many employees are moving into the company's consumer product portfolio.

Jay Sullivan, who took charge of the product division earlier this month, is leading the reorganization. Employees are also speculating about layoffs, but according to the company, there are no plans.

A Twitter spokesperson said: "We are updating the structure and roadmap for our Consumer Products team. We want to better focus on the areas that have the most positive impact on the public conversation.

The Twitter team continues to work on the edit button functionality. The goal is to release an update later this year that will allow users to edit a tweet to send for a limited time. History of previous tweets is also available.

It could be months before Twitter comes under the control of its future owner, Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The world's richest man agreed to buy the company at the end of April for $54.20 a share. The transaction value of the company amounted to 44 billion dollars. But the case is not closed yet.

With a messy bargain throughout the waiting period, employees working to maximize shareholders (including themselves) can have the best bottom line.

Musk's constant tweets bolstered the sentiment. Posts from Slack Group employees show that Musk has angered many of them by criticizing his harassment policies and speaking out on Twitter and single-handedly mentioning the company's beloved chief adviser, Vijaya Jade.

Twitter focuses on the areas with the most positive impact

Musk added more concerns to Tesla employees this week after he sent an email to Tesla employees saying that "remote work is no longer acceptable".

"Anyone who wants to work remotely must be in the office at least 40 hours a week or leave Tesla," he said. This is less than what we are charging factory workers.

Such a policy contrasts with the current position of Twitter, one of the major tech companies, which allows most employees to work from home permanently.

During an internal conversation before Twitter's board of directors approved the deal, an employee asked if anyone was excited about Elon's idea. The question received 446 answers from dozens of employees over three days, many in the negative. Some have responded that Musk does not seem to understand Twitter's challenges with voice or building a social network.

Others are excited about Musk, or at least see his deal as better than continuing on the current path.

Company executives have stated at recent company meetings that Twitter's board of directors is committed to creating the best possible outcome for shareholders.

Employees are also affected by the hiring freeze and other cost-cutting measures by the company. It is intended to bring stability to the business in times of broader economic turmoil.

These discounts include removing offers for some potential new employees. In one case, an employee who wanted to move to headquarters four days before the start date discovered that his job offer had been withdrawn.

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