DJI Officially Introduces New Quick Start Feature for Osmo Mobile 6
DJI Officially Introduces New Quick Start Feature for Osmo Mobile 6

DJI today officially launched the Osmo Mobile 6 smartphone stabilization joystick, designed for quick setup and better tracking of things, starting at €169.

DJI recently shared some teasers about the new Osmo Mobile 6 stick, and now it's rolling out some features and improvements.

Osmo Mobile 6 features larger sections than previous versions to accommodate both large smartphones and small smartphones with large cases.

DJI's new mount bar design helps users enjoy a long comfortable experience while supporting the expansion of a selfie stick similar to the Osmo Mobile 5.

The company also brings improvements to the Osmo 6 in "ActiveTrack", which supports stabilization to track objects over long periods of time and over long distances, and also allows the smartphone's selfie camera to be activated for the tracked objects when they are in the installed near-rotation mode. ribbon.

DJI also offers iPhone users a Quick Launch feature that supports connecting the Mimo app when the iPhone is installed to quickly view the camera. So DJI has confirmed that the phone will offer three times more recording power compared to the previous version.

The Osmo Mobile 6 suite also includes an integrated control panel that displays battery status information and a mode button that allows the user to switch between modes with every tap, including a tilt mode that supports tracking without tilting the camera.

FPV mode supports viewing of all camera movements for dynamic shots, while SpinShot mode also allows controlling camera scenes by moving the joystick left and right.

Osmo Mobile 6 also offers several smart features, including time-lapse photography, gesture control, and a section that supports automatic dynamic zoom for panorama styles and stories.

The joystick also has a scroll wheel to adjust focus when zooming in/out, and the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 should be available starting today for $166.

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