Vivo launches its next generation wireless headphones
Vivo launches its next generation wireless headphones

Vivo launches its next generation wireless headphones Vivo 3 Pro and Vivo 3

In a recent event, Vivo introduced a new generation of wireless headphones, including the vivo 3 Pro and vivo 3 headphones, which have better sound quality and noise cancellation performance.

Vivo launched new vivo 3 Pro wireless headphones with a capacity of 49 dB with active noise cancellation and supports a frequency range of up to 4000 Hz, and it supports better efficiency in terms of clarity and purity of sound quality and works well on low and medium frequencies. frequency acoustics.

On the other hand, the flagship version of vivo wireless headphones has its own active noise cancellation function, which also supports 4000Hz frequency and can reduce noise up to 48dB.

The speaker also supports "aptX Lossless" with an audio transmission rate of 1.2 Mbit / sec. The speaker also contains a broadband amplifier that supports audio playback in the frequency range from 5 Hz to 40 kHz.

The headphones use a 12.2mm three-layer nano-film, and the headphones support Bluetooth 5.3 and LE audio, supporting a faster response time of 55ms.

Among the features offered by vivo in the vivo 3 Pro and vivo 3 headphones is support for 360-degree spatial sound with active noise cancellation that automatically adapts to the user's environment.

The headset also supports high-quality audio recording to support video bloggers, as the company supports a headset with 3 microphones on each side of the headset, which also supports noise cancellation technology.

The headphones feature touch controls through the leg of the wireless headphones, and the touch sensitivity of this part can be used to play, pause, or control the volume.

The vivo earphones 3 also offers up to 10 hours of earphone playtime or 40 hours of charge.

Only the Pro version has a charging time of 6.8 hours for the earbuds, while the charging case can get up to 30 hours of playtime.

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