Telegram is launching a new feature that will save your device's battery

On Wednesday, Telegram announced the launch of its March 2023 update, which introduces a host of new features such as a battery saver mode.

"This update introduces a new power-saving mode, improves Telegram's performance on low-spec Android devices, and adds multiple playback speed options," the news service said in a blog post. ,etc."

Telegram explained that the app's beautiful animation and lighting effects are designed to make any device look powerful, but can now be turned off to improve battery life and performance on older devices.

The company added that Battery Saver can be set to automatically turn on when the battery reaches a certain percentage, and you can turn off certain effects using custom tweaks.

Apple iOS (iOS) users can also restrict background updates through power saving settings, which Telegram says isn't recommended because it causes more of a "refresh..." on Telegram than usual.

The company said it has tested Android on more than 200 types of devices to see how the app performs and has created modified default settings to ensure the best experience for all users.

At this point, it is possible to enable Battery Saver Mode or change settings for individual autoplay, dynamics, and effects by going to Settings and then Battery Saver options.

In addition to the battery saving features, Telegram also announced that it will give users more flexibility to change the playback speed of videos, audio clips, and visual messages.

To make it easier to work together in small teams, reading status in groups of less than 100 members is now displayed when each member has read your post. Telegram users can control who can add them to groups. If you invite someone who has blocked them, you can now quickly send the invitation link as a message. Invite links now show previews in conversations so you can instantly see where they lead.

According to Telegram, bot developers can now fully localize their bots by translating the bot description and the “What can this bot do?” section. in several languages.

iOS users can mark all conversations in any folder as read with just one click. When forwarding messages, folders can be used to quickly find the right conversation. These improvements will be added to the Android app in an upcoming Telegram update.

The latest version of the Telegram app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android users, the App Store for iOS users, and the service's website for other devices.

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