Apple plans to support RCS messaging on iPhone

Apple has officially announced that it will support RCS messaging on iPhone next year.

RCS Messages will work with Apple's iMessage app, which will continue to provide Apple customers with "the best, most secure messaging experience," a company spokesperson said in a recent statement.

Once Apple's decision takes effect, RCS messages will be exchanged between Android phones and iPhones easily and effortlessly.

RCS messages are an alternative to traditional SMS and MMS messages. It works over WiFi or cellular data networks and allows sending high-quality texts, photos, videos, voice messages and large files. It supports emojis, message typing indicators, has better encryption, and more. feature.

The GSMA began developing the RCS messaging protocol years ago and has been adopted by major companies such as Google, Samsung, and other smartphone manufacturers. However, although iMessage exists, it is only available on the device and only supports older messaging protocols like SMS.

Google and Samsung have recently launched advertising campaigns and put significant media pressure on Apple to introduce support for a new messaging protocol in its devices.

According to Google, Apple is responsible for all the problems Android and iPhone users face when sending messages to each other, including lack of encryption, broken chat groups, and poor quality videos and content. the pictures.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in September 2022 that support for RCS messages was not a priority for the company and was not a feature that iPhone users wanted.

Observers believe that Apple's decision is due to the entry into force of the Digital Market Law in European Union countries, which prompted Apple to open iMessage applications and adopt RCS messages.

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