X launches an online job search tool

The X platform continues to roll out changes and updates, including a new job search feature that makes it easier to search all jobs currently listed by organization in the app.

The LinkedIn-style job search tool is now available on its website.

The platform released a beta version of the feature to authorized users in August, but the web version of the tool is now available to everyone through X.

The job search function appears to be full of open positions at several tech companies, including those led by Elon Musk. Jobs currently listed include SpaceX, Tesla, and Neuralink, as well as Musk's latest XAI project.

Musk has already promised to compete with LinkedIn, although the job search tool currently looks very primitive. Users may search job postings and job descriptions and be redirected to external websites to complete applications, including Jobs Under X.

VX's new job search feature is simple: users enter the keywords and location of the job they're looking for, and the search tool gives them a list of all open jobs that match those terms.

Users can combine terms to significantly improve their searches. In addition, each position also includes an “Apply Now” button that directs candidates to the respective brand’s website where they can continue the application process.

Job postings are available for brands that are enrolled in the $1,000/month Enterprise Verification package. Ex reported in September that hundreds of companies had job openings listed on the app.

The company is testing worksheets to make it easier to post personal messages on the platform, and there are signs that it has ambitious plans for career-focused features in the app.

X has previously updated its Privacy Policy; In particular, data related to users' employment history of applications and recommendations may be collected. This may indicate a hiring advantage related to the X platform or other advanced advantages in future job searches.

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