Google is integrating artificial intelligence into its core applications

Google announced at its Google I/O 20204 developer conference that it has integrated its Gemini AI assistant into its core user-facing apps.

The company said that Gemini will appear in the Gmail email service to help users compose and summarize emails, search inboxes, and perform more complex tasks such as comparing product prices and merging a group of messages to help you review attachments and answer your own questions. Video summary sessions and other tasks.

According to Google, Gemini AI Assistant integrates with other productivity apps like Calendar, Tasks, and Notes.

For example, Gemini can add a list of events in a captured photo directly to the Calendar or Tasks app, and anything Gemini submits as a note can be saved directly to Keep Notes, which will be available powered by smart assistant extensions for Google apps and services.

In this context, Google will work to integrate Gemini functions into the Google Maps platform, especially in the developer API, where developers will be able to display locations and regions in their applications and websites, and summaries based on artificial intelligence analysis of Google comments. A mapping community with over 300 million contributors.

With this new feature, developers will no longer need to manually write custom descriptions for places, and Google is also working to integrate AI-based contextual search results into the Places API when users search for places in developer products. Pictures related to their research.

These changes are a continuation of Google's policy of providing AI capabilities to users and integrating them into their daily experience.

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