Google makes it possible to create custom AI bots

Google announced at its Google I/O 2024 developer conference that it will allow users to create custom AI chatbots based on the Gemini model.

Google calls the custom chatbots “Gems” and they will soon be available to Gemini Advanced subscribers.

The main function of the custom robot is to perform specific tasks, not the general purpose of the Gemini AI Assistant.

Users can create AI robots with different personalities, such as: b. Creative writing assistants, fitness trainers, cooking assistants, programming assistants, math teachers and more.

For example, a user can create a custom bot with instructions that the bot should follow, and the bot will follow those instructions.

This approach can help users customize interactions with Gemini Assistant across different Google services as it makes the bot more efficient and saves users a lot of time and effort.

This new announcement from Google follows rival OpenAI which launched a GPT store that allows users to create custom AI bots and share them with others through the store.

Although this feature is limited to subscribers to the paid Gemini Advanced bot, Google is expected to make it available to all users later, just as OpenAI recently announced that its store is open to all users, including those with free accounts.

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