OpenAI makes GPT stores available to all users

Mira Moratti, chief technology officer at artificial intelligence company OpenAI, said the company announced that its GPT store will be open to all users.

Since its launch, the company has made the GPT Store available only to subscribers of paid plans like ChatGPT Plus. According to the development announced by the company, the store will also be open to free account holders.

The company launched its store earlier this year, which allows subscribers to create custom artificial intelligence robots that perform specific functions, which the company calls GPT, and the store allows these robots to be shared with other users.

Users have access to a variety of custom bots in the GPT Store, including a consensus bot for searching and compiling results from millions of academic research articles, a Khan Academy coding bot, a Canva bot for designing presentations and social media articles, and so on. . Robots that are guides to books and literature, and other robots estimated at several million.

The widespread use of GPT stores will increase the number of custom bots in stores. It should be noted that the process of creating these bots is simple, as they do not necessarily require programming experience and are easy to deploy once verified, and the company itself is planning to launch a program so that their owners can benefit from them depending on their abilities. Uses.

GPT Store is one of the features available only to ChatGPT subscribers, along with other features like file and image upload, data analysis, web search, etc. However, OpenAI has decided to make it available to free account holders within certain limits.

Free account holders also have access to the new GPT 4o model, which is smarter and faster than the GPT 3.5 model currently available in free accounts.

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