Aonerex HD Universal Car GPS Navigation
Aonerex HD Universal Car GPS Navigation

Driver warning and active detection of camera speed

The full driver alert alerts you if you are driving your car in the wrong direction, warns you of traffic cameras, and alerts you to many other alerts when you are in a dangerous road, school district, intersection, or street that is nearby for.

Active Speed ​​Speed ​​Warning

Your current speed is displayed to remind you of speed limit changes and to notify you when the speed limit is exceeded

Voice navigation, live navigation

Aonerex speaks to you like your friendly assistant and quickly guides you to your destination as if someone were sitting next to you. Choose from voices in many different languages!

world map

The latest maps for the United States, Canada, and Mexico are preinstalled. No complicated installation. Aonerex makes it easy.

Points of interest

Are you looking for a restaurant or a gas station nearby? I've dealt with Aonerex guide ... POI shoots everything nearby and guides you safely.

FM transmitters

The built-in FM transmitter can provide GPS audio for your car stereo.

Aonerex HD Universal Car GPS Navigation
Aonerex HD Universal Car GPS Navigation

Aonerex HD Universal Car GPS Navigation Technical index

  • The latest processor] The in-car cache navigation system can use a 256MB cache, which is twice the normal GPS. The highly sensitive GPS unit uses the latest Sirf Atlas5 chip technology with card storage functionality. GPS time is only 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • A large 7-inch GPS touch screen provides better visual effects for the elderly and visually impaired. The true high brightness digital screen can clearly see the map even in the sun.
  • Real-time GPS voice streaming with detailed voice navigation (multi-language version), full audio ads, and real-time quick navigation tips. Smart Error Correction: If the road is bad, the system automatically creates a new way to make your life faster, safer and more accurate and to achieve your goal.
  • Free Age Maps updates come pre-installed with the latest 101 regions, North American maps for 58 languages ​​in 2019, and free lifetime updates. Provides 100% satisfaction with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. We offer a carefree return for 90 days
  • The portable and easy-to-use GPS browser shows the current street, current speed, maximum speed, and arrival time. One year and 30 days money back guarantee, and we guarantee excellent after-sales service. Packing List: Car Navigation Car Charger Charger, USB Suction Cup Cable Holder Suction Cup Clamp User Manual, Lampshade

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