BenQ Monitor
BenQ EL2870U

The BenQ L2870U HDR technology and Brightness Intelligence Plus (BI + Tech.) Can make the light emitting area smoother and at the same time keep the dark part details transparent. The simple key combinations in the EL2870U can switch between HDR and B.I modes to compensate for maximum contrast and vibrancy and take full advantage of the impressive HDR image performance with simultaneous viewing comfort. The picture contains the wrong color. Go to the image and reset the color. Then select "Yes" to reset the color settings to the default settings. If the image is still wrong and the OSD contains the wrong colors, one of the three primary colors when entering the signal is missing. Now check the signal cable connector. If the pins are bent or broken, contact your dealer. Distorted, received, or shimmering images - Read the instructions under the "Adjust screen resolution" link on the CD, then select the correct resolution and refresh rate and adjust according to these instructions. The picture is not clear - read the instructions under the "Adjust screen resolution" link on the CD, then select the correct resolution and refresh rate and make settings according to these instructions. If you are using a VGA extension cable, disconnect the extension cable for testing. Is the image focused now? Otherwise, follow the instructions in the "Adjust refresh rate" section of the "Adjust screen resolution" link to optimize your image. Camouflage due to the loss of the extension cord connection is normal. You can use better quality extension cords or built-in amplifiers to reduce these losses.

4K HDR support delivers excellent brightness and deep contrast
HDR and Cinema HDR modes increase the full dynamic range between true black and bright white, similar to the way your eyes see in nature.

1ms response time
The 1ms ultra-fast GTG response eliminates motion distortion and enables smooth video and game play. Fast movements and spectacular transitions are impeccable, without delay or shadow. Enjoy great video and entertainment games now.
BenQ Monitor
BenQ EL2870U

AMD FreeSync for intense gaming
AMD FreeSync technology eliminates torn images and frames, as well as intermittent gameplay in incredibly flexible games. The high refresh rate guarantees a very smooth gaming experience and the EL2870U is ideal for gamers.

Stunning clarity and brilliance in 4K UHD resolution
Enjoy extremely vibrant, accurate, and realistic pictures and dramatically increase frame rate in 4K. The sharp detail of the photo will surprise you and completely immerse you in the most advanced viewing experience.

The design is very flat and sturdy
EL2870U HDR is combined with Brightness Intelligence Plus (BI + Tech.) Technology for increased contrast and vibrancy. Enjoy impressive HDR performance while maintaining optimum viewing comfort by reducing eye strain and irritation.

Reduces eye strain in any lighting environment
Brightness Intelligence Plus technology can detect brightness and color temperature in the environment to adjust screen settings. Gentle warm eggs can improve comfort and cold white color can increase productivity.

Focus on highlighting the important details
Smart Focus highlights specific windows or areas so that users can focus on the main content of the BenQ Monitor by reducing background noise.

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