LG Electronics has announced the launch of its ThinQ application to provide customers with a richer user experience and smarter management of their home appliances.  Embodying the company's AI strategy, which is based on three pillars of 'evolution, connectivity and openness', the upgraded ThinQ application provides a better experience for managing LG smart devices as well as enhanced customer services in more than 150 countries.

ThinQ relies on the voice recognition technology provided by Google Assistant to enable users to easily manage their home devices.  LG's ThinQ app, previously introduced as SmartThinQ ™, is the first mobile app designed to efficiently manage smart home devices, providing voice recognition, allowing users to control and monitor their devices through dialogue and voice commands.

In addition, this advanced AI-based application provides tailor-made support services to each client and provides proactive services to alert users about potential problems before they occur, facilitating maintenance visits if required.  Proactive customer service helps to enhance product performance and extend service life with detailed advice and guidance to ensure the best performance for home appliances.

Through the app, customers can connect their LG smartphones to their Amazon accounts to automatically re-order supplies and receive them through Amazon Dash Replenishment.  Frequently used supplies such as dishwashing dishwashing liquid, laundry fluid or fabric rain can be pre-selected to be delivered automatically to customers' home when they run out.

LG's ThinQ application enables devices to be tailored to the user's needs through its many features such as Smart Care + and Smart Pairing.  With the SmartQ + feature, ThinQ analyzes customer usage patterns to better serve their needs, reduces energy costs and keeps food quality longer by automatically adjusting the optimum temperature and turning on energy saving mode.  Using Smart Pairing, LG's latest dryers can wirelessly connect to LG washing machines for an ideal drying cycle that fits the wash cycle.  With these unique innovations from LG, customers will no longer worry about clothing damage.

“The LG ThinQ is the perfect embodiment of our vision to provide a smart home experience that is free of any complexity,” said Rio Hye Gong, Executive Director, LG Smart Home Appliance Business Unit.  LG is committed to meeting the aspirations of users as a key priority ahead of technology and the evolution of our smart home appliances portfolio demonstrates this commitment. ”

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