Alienware AW2720HF
Alienware AW2720HF FHD 27 Inch Monitor

With the new Alienware 27 Super Speed ​​Gaming Screen, you can log in at a native refresh rate of 240 Hz and a real 1ms response time (in "Overdrive Maximum" mode) and get faster visibility on this screen. Thanks to the speed and image quality of Alienware 27 screen, you can monopolize this head in the game world with a simplified mindset, and even if you don't know where you are, you can get the best without accelerating too fast. In contrast to 1000: 1

Personal lighting with AlienFX

AlienFX is a fully customizable lighting system designed to enhance your gaming experience by zooming into the game world with dynamic lighting effects directly related to in-game action values ​​and RGB values. Customizable on-screen lighting with other AlienFX-enabled devices allows you to customize the entire battlefield according to your style. You can easily create and download unique features of over 145 different games.

the best in the world

On a 27-inch screen, you can easily see the entire battlefield in detail. The original FHD resolution ensures that 1080p gaming is displayed clearly and quickly.

Alienware AW2720HF
Alienware AW2720HF FHD 27 Inch Monitor

Legend works

Back on the model, Alienware handed over Legend industrial design. It is the bold expression, statues, generally new, very limited and creative of the Alienware brand. The new stand saves space, slides from the edge of the game keyboard, and is also designed to handle quickly accessible cable openings on the underside and cable channels in the stand. Tilt, tilt, rotate and turn functions keep you in good shape at all times.

Do not smear

AMD FreeSync technology synchronizes graphics and screen so you get full screen images without slowing down the game.

Get angry

Get started quickly: discover the best features of IPS technology at a native refresh rate of 240 Hz, ten times faster than movies and twice as fast as a standard 120 Hz gaming monitor.

Alienware AW2720HF
Alienware AW2720HF FHD 27 Inch Monitor

From all angles

Real Speed: Thanks to the new fast IPS technology, games have a real 1ms response time and no artificial anti-blur solutions affect brightness, adaptive sync, or the world you're exploring.

Dynamic screen display

With a unique game-focused menu and easy-to-use dashboard, as well as customizable preset game modes, FPS counters and multi-screen setup instructions, you can keep your game in shape.

Alienware AW2720HF Technical index

  • 240 Hz refresh rate is four times the standard screen rate and twice the popular gaming screen at 120 Hz, and more images mean that smaller visual information is inaccurate, which means the player response time is shorter. There is a 8.3ms difference between 120Hz and a 4.16ms reduction between 240Hz. This is very important for high-speed players and has an advantage over players with insufficient equipment. In addition to your skills, you can earn more by responding in real time.
  • Amd Radeon Free Sync technology synchronizes GPU and screen and displays full frames only when screen can be displayed. This can reduce graphic distortions such as parts and artifacts caused by screen modification. So you can enjoy the original graphics refresh rate with fast refresh (up to 240Hz) without personalizing users l.
  • Wide viewing angle means the coverage is consistent regardless of the screen's viewing angle. Thanks to IPS technology that creates the screen.
  • The new joystick for quick and easy navigation of the menu gives you easy access to controls on the right side of the screen. Individual buttons can be defined as launcher shortcuts and launcher settings.
  • 1ms response time, true motion blur explodes. Pixels can change quickly and respond to new image signals when viewed. This is a new feature for IPS screens and is pretty slow for games in general.

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