DMYCO 2.5K Mirror Backup Camera for Cars
DMYCO 2.5K Mirror Backup Camera for Cars

Before upgrading, I tried two plain tachographs. It's okay, but a life-saving experience. I recently moved to a new country and I still don't know the drivers here. So when something happens, it's best to have a clue. So I decided to try this. It comes in a well packed packaging with detailed instructions on how to set up the camera. I have a 2012 Chevrolet Impala and it took less than 30 minutes to prepare all the strings in my box. Once connected, on-screen configuration is also easy. The registration is very clear. I can even read the license plate easily on the mirror screen, especially on my computer. A valuable alternative camera :) can also help with parking. So I find all the included functions like GPS, ADAS, parking monitoring, etc, very expensive, and reverse assistance very helpful when parking. I recommend it to everyone.

DMYCO 2.5K Mirror Backup Camera for Cars

DMYCO 2.5K Mirror Backup Camera for Cars Technical index

  • The GPS module expands the police external GPS system to accommodate the driving conditions of the vehicle, including GPS position, real-time speed, traveled distance and track. Compared to the built-in GPS, the external GPS function means that the main frequency has no effect on the reception of the GPS antenna and provides a better signal (which can be displayed on the map with special software on the screen. Program link: http: //
  • Sony's Dual Full HD 2.5K lens With Sony's Dual Full HD 2.5K lens, you can clearly capture beautiful landscapes during the flight and take license plates with you from afar. The front-facing adjustable camera 170 ° and the rear-adjustable camera 140 ° reduce blind spots and provide you with a wider field of view in a narrow cabin, which means that your car is fully protected in real time.
  • Powered by Sony's advanced "Starvis" sensor and AHD, the compact camera delivers excellent night-vision features in low-light to capture clearer front and rear video clips for a smooth ride. Safety at night.
  • The 10-inch IPS touch screen driver can comfortably display the screen in direct sunlight using the glare protection layer. Thanks to the multimedia streaming function, the 10-inch IPS display can display smooth traffic conditions on the road in real time. This gives you a wider viewing angle and clearer videos, while suppressing the effect of headlights behind the car. In addition, the user interface is easy to use, easy to use and touch sensitive.
  • Parking Assistance and Emergency Recording Upon reversing, the Parking Assistance tool is displayed on the screen to ensure safe and comfortable parking. With the built-in G-sensor, the drive recorder can automatically detect and save 20 seconds of sudden vibrations or collisions and save 20 seconds. Video and scene can be restored while driving or while parking.

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