A smart suit that allows the user to carry heavy weights easily
A smart suit that allows the user to carry heavy weights easily

Sarcos Robotics from Salt Lake City introduces the Alpha version of the Guardian XO full smart suit, the first battery-powered mobile robot that can operate for up to two hours and safely raise up to 90 kg.

The purpose of smart clothes is to increase intelligence, not replace intelligence. It combines human intelligence with the strength and longevity of machines and the accuracy of processing machines and solves the problem of lack of skills and occupational safety in many industries.

Guardian XO Smart Clothes are made by a robot company that helps people increase their productivity and safety. It is safe and easy to use, it allows teams to work more safely, and allows people of all ages to do physical activities without affecting the body. Cause pressure or pressure.

Beginning in January 2020, the first Guardian XO smart pastry models will be delivered to members of the US Army Advisory Group to the United States Army and the Sarkos Overseas Construction (X-TAG) group, which includes leading companies in this field. Cars, aerospace, aerospace, construction, oil and gas, utilities.

The Guardian XO model will also reach commercial customers for $ 100,000 per unit or rental agreement by the end of 2020. This is one of the first models to sign up for "Robot as a Service" worldwide.

Ben Wolf, President and CEO of Sarcos Robotics, said: "Guardian XO is a good example of what can happen when private companies and governments work with a small innovation team to address common challenges.

The Smart Collection was developed 20 years ago, with original visibility and business funding provided by DARPA's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The company will also receive additional funds from the U.S. Department of Defense over the next few years.

It is worth noting that Sarcos Robotics has been manufacturing robotic equipment for a variety of applications for more than 35 years, from U.S. Navy underwater rescue robots to dinosaur and pirate robots from theme parks.

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