LG unveils “LG LEVERAGES” device for growing plants at home
LG unveils “LG LEVERAGES” device for growing plants at home

The "lever" devices in the form of LG household refrigerators in a simple way help the growth of plants indoors.

Those interested in technology and the latest global innovations focus on CES fairs every year, technology companies showcase the latest discoveries, and companies like LG often announce what they want to unveil before the CES. It announced the launch of a device called "LG LEVERAGES", which resembles the shape of a refrigerator but actually serves a variety of purposes by providing an environment suitable for plants at home.

The mission of the new system is to control the temperature, light and water needed for the growth of more than 20 plants.

LG sells seeds of plants and herbs that are adapted to the device in some countries and in some countries, along with the lichens or sponges needed for development using appropriate fertilizers, and about 20 species, including lettuce, dandelion, basil and other plants and herbs.

The system was developed according to the device's plant and herbal company and was sufficient to meet the special needs of a family of four.

With smart applications that can be installed on mobile phones, users can control the agricultural process and follow its development.

The app itself also provides features and tips to help users grow better and easier.

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