New app: MIUI 11 Icon Pack with 4000 inspirations UUI UI

The MIUI 11 icon pack reduces the appearance of Xiaomi devices to more than 4000 icons. ,

MIUI 11 Icon Pack is a simple app that lets you customize your Android tablet device with an Icon Pack inspired by the Xiaomi MIUI 11 user interface. The company also offers many innovations, especially in terms of design and application. The program contains more than 4000 symbols with many alternative symbol sizes and the ability to search and display them in preview.

It doesn't stop there, because with this app, you can enjoy 36 HD wallpapers and other 4K wallpapers in the cloud, and there is a tool that can be used to request icons that are not present. It can be downloaded from the app. Select the light or dark function in the settings and clear the cache. Set the site history for the recorded background language and report any errors.

Nova News "Dozens of Nova and Akash, ADW, Apex and more". Regarding apps, most U MIUI 11 IconPack apps can be downloaded. $ 0.99 one support for Android 4.0.3 and up.

Download the MIUI11IconPack app on Android.

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