New Flow Desktop improves Android 10 desktop mode
New Flow Desktop improves Android 10 desktop mode

Flow Desktop Launcher is an app that provides a hidden desktop mode launcher in Android 10.

Although the Android 10 version is limited, it is supported by many services and applications, indicating that it is an expanded version of the program that is expected to expand to include more devices next year. FlowDesktop Launcher is an app that allows you to connect your Android smartphone to a secondary screen and use the keyboard and mouse in a Windows-like environment.

The app is still in an early stage of development, so we can expect frequent errors, as the app has only been tested on OnePlus 7T Pro and OnePlus 6T and cannot be used with 'Essential Phone PH1. No display settings nor display settings supported. Samsung smartphones are equipped Already with DeX.

In this case, the Android development options and the "Freeform Windows" and "Test Desktop" options must be activated and the required application must also be used for the first time after execution, and other short actions.

Finally, the Flow Desktop Launch app for Android is available as a free preview. Internal purchases support future development. In other words, the app provides a short, free period of time after which you have to purchase the full version to continue using it.

Download the FlowDesktoplauncher app on Android.

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