3 main pillars of the AI-based security division
3 main pillars of the AI-based security division

As the largest producer in China and the largest provider of video surveillance devices in the world, Hikvision made it clear that despite the recent revolutionary security measure, much remains to be done to unlock the potential of artificial intelligence technology. Back.

The company focused on a three-column approach designed to help users understand the benefits of technology and embody the capabilities of terrestrial artificial intelligence. Hikvision finds that after successfully creating a "self-learning" algorithm for its product group, Hikvision Cognex can develop an unlimited number of applications. Artificial intelligence technology.

"We can now help banks protect employees, customers, branches, and ATMs, and help retailers meet branch requirements and improve their marketing strategies," said Benson Shaw, President of Hikvision Middle East. Traffic management solutions to reduce congestion and pollution. "

Mr. Xiao replied that the efforts to introduce artificial intelligence failed in the first place because the technology potential was not fully exploited, and he emphasized that in this regard, the adoption of the three pillar methods relied on communication, data collection and processing the ideal solution

`` This year, we will continue to discuss artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence products and solutions, and research and development efforts to improve product lines, smart work, and solutions because the Internet of Things technology will maintain current trends in personality representing the field of technology, but artificial intelligence will be the most important part of this field. To meet the different needs of customers, our company integrates video surveillance technology into a number of sensors (such as radars and other related products). Our goal is to become a leading provider of services for the integration of smart technologies. , Opay and the Internet of Things: Integrated Artificial Intelligence technology and the Internet of Things rely on the following steps - communications, data collection, and final processing - to develop solutions that improve efficiency and safety.

Euclis, an Italian company that manufactures technology security solutions, said that AI capabilities will not only involve simple infrastructure applications, but will also include operations management, logistics, healthcare and security.

"This technology will facilitate the introduction of new services, for example, that help monitor the presence of certain things such as wheelchairs. Design people provide immediate support," said Euclis Anton Marko Catania president.

Catania also indicated that facial recognition and recognition features are advanced security features that will be released soon. He said: "The booming technology of authentication is undoubtedly the most prominent technical solution that will be launched in the next five years and that will enable technology. The device learns the components from the video surveillance system that guarantees security to a new level."

It is worth noting that the two companies intend to review their capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence at the Intersec Security Exhibition held on May 19 in the Dubai World Trade Center by January 21.

Intersec exhibitions and conferences fully follow the two-digit growth forecast for AI spending in the Middle East and Africa.

International Data Corporation (IDC) has announced its forecast for spending on artificial intelligence technologies, and the average annual growth rate will reach 19% by 2023.

Expectations indicate that banking and retail services will dominate AI spending rates. By 2020, spending on AI will account for more than 33% of investments, followed by governments and telecom companies.

However, there is still a need to address the side effects of AI technology, including data protection, as these factors affect the widespread acceptance of the technology. "This is one of the most pressing problems in the industry, which has brought us to the spotlight on this problem, especially at the Intersec future security summit," Andre Rex, director of the Intersec exhibition at the Frankfurt Trade Fair said.

Alaa El Tayeb, Tesla's regional sales manager, one of the world's leading technical experts, will identify these problems and suggest appropriate solutions.

"Mr. Alaa will study the significant growth that has been achieved by integrating artificial intelligence and integrated communication technologies in this field, and privacy and accurate access issues will play an important role in this field. There is no doubt that technologies for artificial intelligence will spur application change," said Rex. However, in this industry, this dynamic must be balanced with a series of presumed controls, if we are to enhance the public's perception of the positive aspects of this technology. "

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