The British goal of human error in electronic warfare
The British goal of human error in electronic warfare

The UK plans to develop technologies that exploit human error in cyber war by establishing the National Laboratory for Cyber ​​Deception (NCDL), which is designed to bring together psychologists, anthropologists, practitioners, researchers, and scientists to enhance research advice in the context of national security to exploit human error in an impending cyber attack.

Cranfield University and the Academy of Defense Sciences' Cyber ​​Defense Institute are developing the National Center for Internet Fraud and assisting the UK Department of Defense in modern technologies better defend their cyberspace, and Cranfield University is cybersecurity that should be one of the most important areas of growth For the next year.

The university said that developments in this area within the British army enabled the defenders of the Internet to take proactive measures and use military deception to defend themselves against the activities of the attackers in their area, and to communicate, deal with and manage those activities effectively, that could lead to confusion of enemies by taking measures It can reveal their identity or undermine their attacks.

The National Cyber ​​Scam Laboratory has abandoned its sole reliance on passive defense mechanisms such as firewalls, and experts no longer believe firewalls are sufficient to protect sensitive networks, military platforms, and weapons systems.

Darren Lawrence, director of NCDL, who is a lecturer in behavioral science and head of the Information Operations Group at Cranfield University, said: “Military networks require full military defense, because current civil security courses cannot and do not fool you is making mistakes in solving problems, and to educate our enemies about their world, We need to adapt their behavior to our goal, not ours.

"We are pleased to work with the Cyber ​​Defense Academy because they are looking for different ways to shape the behavior of the attackers, whether they are a nation-state or a criminal organization. Our network will enable the Cyber ​​Defense Army to move to a more aggressive base and prevent future attacks."

NCDL strives to develop phishing capabilities by providing new and innovative ways for individuals and organizations in multiple divisions.

Defense Minister Tim Neil Hobbs, C4ISR and director of the network at the Ministry of Defense, said: “We are living in a period of continuous competition in which Britain is under daily attack in cyberspace and the Ministry of Security. The defense wants to maintain its operational efficiency and functions in information, network, and the Internet. Ongoing attacks.

“Phishing is an important part of cyber defense, and we look forward to realizing the full potential of the NCDL National Cyber ​​Fraud Laboratory so that the British Ministry of Defense and its allies can operate safely at the age of 1.”

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