Acer announces Spin 5 and Spin 3 plus two more devices
Acer announces Spin 5 and Spin 3 plus two more devices

Acer has added two new Spin 5 and Spin 3 devices and two Swift 3 Series light devices to its convertible car.

The flexible design of the Spin Series is liked by professionals and students alike, as they can effortlessly draw, take notes, create content and give presentations all day long. The new Swift 3 Series is the perfect travel companion due to its sleek metal body and high percentage. Screen size adapts to condition and long battery life.

James Lin, the managing director of Acer Professional and the "Laptop and Detachable Laptop" group, said: "For users who want to use a device for work, school, entertainment and leisure, it will be combined with a slim and light case and two new devices from Spin 5 and Spin 3. This is an excellent choice. , The ultra-thin weight, screen and touchscreen, and the latest Active Stylus technology make the new Convertible Spin 5 and Spin 3 perfect for anyone who wants to work a lot in different locations. "

The Spin 5 and Spin 3 feature a very slim design that makes it easy to use the convertible chassis in four modes: tablet, laptop, screen or tent shape, while the robust 360 ° hinge creates a seamless transition between modes that enables user manual conversion that allows professionals to do Easily homework for students, and the optional backlit keyboard increases productivity in low-light environments.

The Spin 5 is only 14.9mm thick and has an excellent 13.5-inch 2K touch screen, and it is surrounded by a very thin frame - only 78.7mm, which makes the screen and frame size ratio 80. Additionally, the aluminum, magnesium frame and palm rest are sturdy It is light, and weighs only 1.65 lbs (1 kg) 2 kg).

As for Spin 3, it has a large 14 "HD screen with 16: 9 aspect ratio. The device also has a 7.82mm ultra-thin screen slot with a 78% screen ratio, and the device has a stylish metal frame that can be placed Easily. The device weighs 1.5 kg in a paper bag or on its back and is 16.9 mm (0.67 in) thick.

Spin 5 and Spin 3 are provided as default settings for Acer Active Pen. The pen features the Wacom AES 1.0 feature for fast electrostatic charging, which allows users to write quickly and accurately, while AES technology provides a simulation of ink writing on real paper at 4096 levels, writing and drawing and all pen movements become accurate and realistic.

Thanks to the latest generation of tenth generation Intel® Core ™ processors, these two devices provide powerful performance with 5 laps for 15 hours, 3 laps for 12 hours and 2 new rotors, both support fast charging and the device can operate for up to 4 hours and up to 30 minutes.

Both models are equipped with an Intel® Wi-Fi 6 "Gig +" AX201 802.11ax high-speed radio antenna, which provides three times faster connection than the 802.11ac radio antenna. Extended connectivity as well, especially in areas where the device is loaded (such as location), in jobs, in airports and private homes.

Swift 3 SF313-52 / G laptop

Swift 3 SF313-52 / G weighs 15.95 mm and 1.19 kg. The sleek metal body makes it easy to carry in a travel bag and has a frame. Thin screen with a 83.65% screen-to-build ratio and a 3: 2 aspect ratio, which saves 18% of reading space in portrait height and optimizes the screen that needs 100% sRGB color loading, which includes two types of Acer Color Intelligence ™ and Acer ExaColor, bring your photos and videos to life, displaying them in unique colors on a 13.5-inch screen.

Swift 3 SF313-52 / G is the result of working with Intel on the Intel "Athena Project" innovation program, which has passed rigorous tests to achieve software experience and hardware specification goals to ensure the computer responds to ambitious people, who are quickly open and should focus on their work from anywhere.

Swift 3 SF313-52 / G is equipped with the 10th generation Intel® Core ™ i7-1065G7 processor, the latest NVIDIA® graphics, and a long-life battery that provides the user with up to 16 hours of battery life. Working efficiency and fast charging support Since the device only needs 30 minutes to charge and can work for 4 hours, the backlit keyboard allows users to type in a dark environment supported by the laptop with the "wake up sound" function with the user can keep the device in the "sleep" the talk". Interact with Cortana in the situation.

Swift 3 SF314-42 laptop with AMD Ryzen processor

Equipped with a 14-inch screen, Swift 3 SF314-42 is a modern device said to strike a balance between elegance, durability and efficiency. The last generation is light and thin and weighs only 1.2 kg. The thickness of the metal frame is 16.55 mm (0.65 inches), which means a high screen ratio.

In addition to its stylish design, AMD Ryzen ™ 4000 processors also provide innovative 7nm technology and superior performance backed by Zen 2 core architecture: Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax and solid PCIe drives with 512GB memory allow high-speed playback of all hardware components.

Equipment prices and availability

Acer Spin 5 will be available in Europe, Africa and the Middle East from April for € 999.

Acer Spin 3 will be available in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for € 649 as of February.

Acer Swift 3 SF313-52 / G will be available in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for € 699 in February.

Acer Swift 3 SF314-42 is currently available in the United Arab Emirates starting from AED 2000.

It should be noted that the technical data, price and availability of new devices vary in different regions.

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