LG presents the evolution of artificial intelligence at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2020
LG presents the evolution of artificial intelligence at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2020

The promotional campaign revealed that LG Technology CEO, IP Park, at CES 2020 titled "Levels of Experience in Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and the Human Experience". ThinQ's consistent goals and ambitious vision transform everyday experiences by connecting every aspect of customer life with smart touch points.

Dr. Park stated that this long-term plan will create a clear roadmap for artificial intelligence and will be the ultimate goal of integrated systems that include products and services that make users feel at home anywhere in Las Vegas. Conference at Mandalay Bay Gas Center. It is important to share an Amnesty International business development plan within the department so that we can greatly influence the lives of our clients. "

Dr. Park, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Element AI in Montreal, Dr. Jean-Francois Ghani, famous for developing effective AI techniques, discussed with both parties how and how their leaders in this field plan to change development. Sexual and advertised sexual responsibilities. The four levels of AIX AI expertise include: Proficiency, Personalization, Analysis and Exploration, which is characterized by the rapid development of technical skills and applications.

Efficiency is the first level, automatic automation between some devices and system functions can be achieved using simple commands and can currently be used in most devices on the market that support artificial intelligence technology and speech recognition.

"This level of artificial intelligence automatically adjusts performance based on specific sensory inputs, which improves the efficiency of user interaction," said the doctor. Parker. "LG ThinQ air conditioner is an example of the first level of artificial intelligence, which includes a smart sensor. It can detect people in the room, and adjust the temperature and air flow."

Jagni explained that the second stage is personalization, which focuses on learning behavior patterns to improve and define device functions, and that devices and services that work with artificial intelligence can be identified at this level in addition to interactions with the environment and users can define patterns and use them to improve job performance. The device efficiently performs tasks and simplifies user interaction. Dr. Park described how to learn the LG vacuum cleaner of the new generation "R9" when stuck in rooms and corners. "Remember spatial patterns.

This analysis is the third level analysis that includes the use of artificial intelligence for causal learning, the full intelligence of systems consisting of different devices and services, monitoring the causes of paradigms, and artificial intelligence predicts methods based on specific behaviors. To achieve and improve positive results for users.

"We can take advantage of the diversity of our product portfolio because we need a lot of smart touch points to interact with users and collect information to understand the cause and create a link between cause and effect," said the doctor. Park. "Although exploration at the fourth level is still far away, this is the ultimate goal of LG AI."

By using the concept of "experiential learning" based on the basic scientific method, artificial intelligence technology systems can develop new jobs by developing and testing hypotheses to learn and improve new conclusions to help them live their lives better.

"As pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence, we consider the importance of the human experience our primary responsibility while encouraging research and development in the field of artificial intelligence. We look forward to working with LG Electronics to establish criteria for determining who will guide employees and establish principles to achieve our AI goals, using A way that gives people priority in developing future technologies. "

Joshua Bingo, winner and founder of TuringAward and Scientific Director of Milla, a joint research agency at the University of Montreal, McGill University and the College of Applied Arts, said many well-known technology companies are pleased to see the launch of artificial intelligence. And "Montreal HEC": Our mission is to promote the development of artificial intelligence to achieve the future use of technology for the benefit of the individual and society. Dr. Park also reviewed the amazing innovations in artificial intelligence presented on the LG platform at CES. 2020

LG ThinQ Zone embodies the concept "everywhere in the home" and will also introduce CES 2020 consumer electronics, indicating that the integrated lifestyle has passed the front door and that LG AI products and services display all aspects of daily life. Compliance to provide customers with an unprecedented value. The LG ThinQ Home Experiment begins with a smart door that befriends visitors by facial recognition and biometric finger artery before opening the door.

Biometrics are also required to use fresh produce stores, which is a safe place to deliver a grocery store. Upon exit, you can use the screen in the door to search for useful information such as weather and traffic conditions. If the door is set as an exit option and all residents can walk, then the smart door demands LG ThinQ to reduce power consumption.

In the field of connected vehicles, LG offers a more personalized vehicle experience that gives drivers and passengers the impression that they are on the road, while LG's connected vehicle solution is based on a special webOS system. Put in cooperation. Partner ADENT, the leading car seat manufacturer.

The car has an OLED screen where users can watch watching TV shows and movies they watched at home. The special sound system provides a unique experience when viewing multimedia content for individual travelers, while the virtual personal assistant isolates voice commands, even if they are loud. It differs from your music and loud sounds.

CES 2020 cannot be completed without LG Robots. Due to their culinary skills, effectiveness and hospitality in the CLOi Table Zone division, the exhibition will satisfy LG Automation Solutions, as the restaurant, which is fully managed by the LG CLOi robot, receives orders, chefs and food, then the restaurant is cleaned. If you want to visit the restaurant, you can book online using the ThinQ app and browse the menu with smart speakers, smart TVs, or smartphones.

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