Acer launches Chromebook 712 with the new TravelMate suite
Acer launches Chromebook 712 with the new TravelMate suite

Acer has announced a new line of educational products. The company introduced the new 12-inch Chromebook 712, which uses the Chrome OS and has a sleek and durable design with a 12: 3 aspect ratio, which improves vertical width and increases productivity. Not only equipped with the latest 10th generation Intel® Core ™ processors, it also delivers exceptional performance.

The company also upgraded TravelMate mobile devices using TravelMate Spin B3 Cabriolets and regular TravelMate B3 devices used in education.

These 11.6-inch laptops provide improved performance and a strong athletic design to protect them from the effects of school life, making them ideal for use inside and outside of school.

Chromebook 712

Chromebook 712 is equipped with a tenth-generation Intel® Core ™ i3 processor and can handle the most complex and difficult classrooms, for example B. With learning to code or edit video.

This strong performance allows students to easily collaborate on educational projects, run multiple applications and watch educational videos, and once the device is charged, students can use the device for an entire day because the battery can last for 12 hours.

The Chromebook 712 is sturdy, meets US military standards MIL-STD 810G and withstands the tough conditions of highly mobile students.

It has an improved common system that is not affected even when students take it off the screen. The system is specially developed for greater flexibility and the device can withstand loads of up to 60 kg. If the student stops or rides on it, it will not be broken. It's in a backpack, the hardened device design and shock absorbing parts allow it to drop to a height of 122 cm (48 inches), and the device is suitable for young students because it meets safety standards for children's toys: ASTM F963- 16 and UL / IEC 60950-1.

Acer launches Chromebook 712 with the new TravelMate suite
Acer launches Chromebook 712 with the new TravelMate suite

The device keyboard has mechanically installed keys that are difficult to remove but easy to replace, making them ideal for learning environments. When using the water channel system, the keyboard water also flows from the bottom of the chassis and the keyboard can prevent up to 330ml of water from escaping. The touchpad is moisture-proof.

The new Chromebook 712 has a 3: 2 aspect ratio, giving students 18% more room to study compared to a 16: 9 aspect ratio screen.

You can choose between the "C871T" touch screen and the "C871" touch screen. The device can be rotated 180 degrees so it can be placed at the desk level and shared with other students in the classroom or school project.

The new Acer Chromebook 712 is classroom-friendly as multiple students share a computer, and Chrome OS devices support multiple users so that each student can connect to their own account while ensuring their projects, emails and other materials are saved. Information is safe, files stored in Google Drive protect files, documents, and photos in the cloud and ensure that the latest version is always available.

Chrome OS automatically updates online and is protected from virus and malware threats to protect student data.

Parents can install Family Link to set daily time limits on the device, set parental controls, and manage a Google Account for their children.

Access settings sync across all Chrome OS devices. When students switch from one shared device to another or sign in with a G Suite for Education account at home, student access settings are set up automatically.

Acer launches Chromebook 712 with the new TravelMate suite
Acer launches Chromebook 712 with the new TravelMate suite

TravelMate Group

Students can rely on TravelMate Spin B3 and TravelMate B3 to meet the needs of elementary school students.

Equipped with the latest Intel® Pentium® and Intel® Celeron® processors, these devices provide students with the computing power they need in their research projects and also meet MIL-STD 810G military standards, which means they are durable. The design helps them resist shocks and spills. It is part of daily school life.

The robust design includes a flameproof cover, shock absorbing rubber parts, and reinforced corners so students can work on the laptop all day with one charge.

TravelMate Spin B3 is a flexible device that adapts to the needs of the school day in four use modes, where students can write articles on their laptops, watch video clips or lectures in presentation mode and use tents when they have to work by hand, providing space on the template. Collect and use tablet mode when they need handwriting or drawing lessons.

The optional camera on top of the keyboard allows students to take photos and videos in tablet mode. TravelMate Spin B3 uses Wacom AES technology to experience natural writing and comes with a dockable pen.

Since the education system isn't just for students, TravelMate Spin B3 and TravelMate B3 have a number of specifications to make life easier for educators and IT managers, as battery status indicators on the front cover as an optional device, which teachers can learn more about student equipment. With a low battery, school IT administrators can install hard-to-remove keys and an easy-to-repair keyboard.

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